Couples Getaway Close to Home

Staybridge Suites Hot Tub Daytime

  Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Staybridge Suites. All thoughts, opinion, and ideas are 100% my own. Staybridge Suites helped make this trip happen! Travel does not have to be to some faraway land, require a flight on an airplane or hours in the car. Most of us I am sure could find a great place to getaway within an hour or so of our homes.  So when, I was invited by Staybridge Suites to spend a night in one of their hotels I decided to look for a place close to home. I also decided that my husband and I could really use a night away, just the two of us! Say what? That's right a … [Read more...]

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Temecula, CA

Hot air balloon rides in Temecula

My husband and I were trying to thing of something special to do for our anniversary this year and a friend suggested going to Temecula for one of their hot air balloon rides. We looked into it and thought it was worth trying out. So we made our reservations and set our plans into action to go. Early in the morning we arrived at the vineyard, which would host our champagne breakfast after our morning ride. After we checked in they began to load us into different cars, based by which balloon we would be riding in. A quick stop to let a helium balloon up to show which ways the wind was … [Read more...]

4 Great Places to eat in NYC

4 Great New York Restaurants everyone should try

I know New York is the city that never sleeps but it is also one of the best cities to eat. I can't begin to tell you how great the food is at my favorite New York restaurants. The choices are endless and there isn't a corner of New York without a culinary option the problem is where do you begin? What is good and what is great and what is a must have on  your plate? I recently took part in the Fancy Food Show and while I was there I had the opportunity to all go out at some amazing restaurants. All the opinions I have here are mine. I should also note I was not required to write about any of … [Read more...]

Fairy Stone State Park

Camping at Fairy Stone State Park

Virginia State Parks are truly one of the treasures of the state of VA and we are blessed to have access to so many wonderfully preserved nature areas, trails, and lakes. That being said out of the 36 VA State Parks I have only visited 4. Shame on me!  I know I need to explore my own backyard more! Luckily our travels took us west this summer and we decided to camp at Fairy Stone State Park. Wow! Here are some highlights from our trip!   Fairy Stone State Park Highlights Fairy Stones - Fairy Stone State Park is named after the unique stone crystals that can be found there. The … [Read more...]

O’Conner Brewing Company

O'Conner Brewing Company

As lovers of great craft beer wherever we travel we try to find new breweries to check out. In fact, you will find a growler in each of our vehicles at all times just in case we happen to be driving anywhere near a craft brewery. Recently, my husband and I had a overnight escape...err, I mean date night. We left the kids at home, booked a hotel an hour away from us, and then planned an evening of freedom...err, I mean fun. We were so happy we found O'Conner Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA. So first things first, always get a flight. That way you can taste all the great beers a brewery … [Read more...]

First Scuba Diving Adventure

Fan coral scuba diving adventure

Disclosure: This diving adventure was made possible by the generosity of Gold Coast Scuba and Windjammer Resorts.  Let me just say right off the bat that scuba diving was the most amazing experience ever. I loved it so much that I am having such a hard time finding the words to describe our experience, so much so that over a month has gone by since we went scuba diving and I am just now sharing it with you. I always thought it would be great to go scuba diving but it wasn't necessarily in my top 3 must do adventures bucket list. I always figured if the opportunity presented itself I would … [Read more...]

Cooking Class in Thailand

Cooking in Thailand fresh ingredients from the market

I recently traveled to Thailand. I was looking for a cooking class in Thailand Bangkok. I came across one that was so wonderful I had to share it with you. You see a great trip is about an experience that changes you. I believe that cooking has the power to make people happy. It is also your opportunity to share your journey with someone who wasn't able to come with you.   Cooking in Thailand The Cooking Class in Thailand started with an authentic trip to the market. It was a really eye opening experience. You will see live animals in cages and the smells aren't pleasant. The … [Read more...]

Majesty of the Sea

Majesty of the Sea couples cruise onboard the Majesty of the Sea

 Disclosure: Many thanks to Royal Caribbean for making this cruise possible. The pleasure was all mine.  I recently embarked on a cruise on the Majesty of the Sea. I know you aren't going to believe this but my husband had never been on a cruise. He was a naval officer so we never planned a trip on a ship because I didn't think it would be something he would enjoy. The truth is I was wrong.  He absolutely loved the Majesty of the Sea.  I loved the time we spent together. I loved not having to worry about anything. The service on The Majesty of the Sea was second to none and the price for … [Read more...]

Tuckaway Shores Resort


Disclosure: When I visited Tuckaway Shores Resort, accommodations were provided for my trip, but all opinions and photos shared here are my own. If you are looking to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider a relaxing getaway to Tuckaway Shores, which is conveniently located on the Atlantic Ocean just west of Melbourne, Florida. Tuckaway Shores is a small three story resort which is fairly secluded and just steps away from the ocean on the resort’s private boardwalk. Each unit comfortably accommodates 4 to 5 people and consists of a family room with a pull … [Read more...]

Did you know sunscreen kills? Are you using reef safe sunscreen?

Reef Safe Sunscreen at the lake

Disclosure: This conversation about the effect of traditional sunscreen on aquatic life was sponsored by Tropical Seas. All opinions shared are my own.  Okay okay so maybe my first question is a little dramatic but I am serious and concerned about the effect of sunscreen on aquatic life. Studies have shown that the chemicals in sunscreens are killing coral reefs around the world. All water eventually ends up in the ocean so even if you are not going to a beach anytime soon I want you to know about reef safe sunscreen. We recently went swimming at a lake. The lake had a platform out … [Read more...]