Things to Do in Jackson MS

When you visit Mississippi, you must visit Jackson. It is the capital after all. It is also the place where the memorialization of the Civil Rights movement is found. The Freedom Trail runs through the city and directly int the path of the museum. I do suggest you go to this museum because of the content.

We were very excited to visit the museum. Unfortunately there was a storm, and the power wasn’t working. I am still including it in my post to make sure that you take the opportunity to attend. We were limited in our schedule, and I was able to include Civil Rights education as we traveled around the state, especially on our tour in Natchez. 

 You should also know that the design of the building even reflects the dark period in our history. The museum is designed to not only draw you back in time, to evoke feeling, encourage thought, conversation, and continued action ,but it is a place to view the truth. 

When we think about history we are reminded that every person has a story and their story should be heard. We understand that no person is without fault and that perfection isn’t found in the choices or actions of “man.” It is through education, empathy, and experiences that we learn the path of the righteous.

The Restaurants in Jackson MS were amazing but you shouldn’t miss these Things to Do in Jackson MS

Things to Do in Jackson MS
Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is just one of the places that you should visit in Jackson, Mississippi

The city has the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

When you visit the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, you are in the same space to see the Museum of Mississippi History. It is also worth checking out because you can not truly understand unless you know the history of the people and environment of a place.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum shares the stories of a Mississippi movement that changed the nation. The museum features eight interactive galleries that promotes a greater understanding of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and its impact by highlighting the strength and sacrifices of its peoples.

Visit Mississippi Civil Rights Museum at 222 North Street #2205 Jackson, MS

Museum of Mississippi History

The Museum of Mississippi History encourages people to explore and appreciate the state’s history. The museum explores over 15,000 years of state history through innovative exhibits, educational programs, and hundreds of artifacts. 

222 North Street Downtown Jackson, Mississippi

Hilton Jackson

The Hilton in Jackson was a throwback to elegant charm. The hotel featured an upgraded pool space, ample rooms, and excellent service. They had all the amenities that you need, and it is located close to everything. It is only a short drive to all of the locations on our travel plan. The water was hot, which is imperative for me. The beds were dream-worthy. The staff was incredibly welcoming. I can’t put my finger on the decor. It was a nostalgic elegance. You really feel important upon entrance and throughout your stay.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

This may have been the best part of our entire trip. They say sometimes in life people are put in your path for a reason greater than what you understand at the time. I am a teacher by trade and I understand how impactful exposure to knowledge is the Mississippi Museum’s main goal of the preservation of Mississippi natural history. That preservation isn’t only found in physically preserving nature but it is promoting this mission to people who will also someday follow in the path of preservation. It is the hope that one exhibit or interaction with change a patron from someone who merely observes to someone who becomes involved. We had the pleasure of being hosted by the museum and by Cory. We did meet several staff members who showcased their roles from preserving specimens in the lab to researching the habits of animals in the wild.

I really enjoyed that each person was not only willing to tell six wiggly kids what they did but they did so in a way that created curiosity, inquiry, and further exploration.

 Cory was asked to show us around. He did more than that he created an interest in science. The museum does an excellent job of curating exhibits that foster learning. There are numerous interactive displays that will captivate the patron.

I was absolutely in love with the dinosaurs. I mean who wouldn’t be the text was easy to read and informative, and the displays were beyond cool.

Then there was the two headed snake. I had never seen one so that was very cool.

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science offers a variety of programs for children preschool- adults. What you may not have known is that there is a whole team of people working behind the closed doors to document animals, preserve species, and develop educational coursework that will inspire future scientists.

Cory’s behind the doors tour involved getting to know some of the animals the museum. His enthusiasm for his job, life, nature, and the museum was infectious. We were able to see specimen, touch fossils, and get an up close and personal with a charlie.

We had a wonderful experience and I could imagine if we lived in the area I would make sure that we visited monthly the prices were very reasonable for under $20 a family of four could attend. I know my children had an incredible time and know that each time they would visit they would learn more. The museum offers learning opportunities inside the building and on the 2.5 miles of trails outside. The museum is situated in a nature park. It is the perfect place to spend the day.

The MDWFP Museum of Natural Science’s vast expanses of glass overlook a 300-acre natural landscape, an open-air amphitheater, and 2.5 miles of nature trails. You can see over 200 living species in their 100,000 gallon aquarium network and 73,000 square feet of permanent and temporary exhibits which include deer, waterfowl, fossils, and Mississippi’s endangered species.

Visit them at 2148 Riverside Drive

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

   I wasn’t sure what to expect when we embarked on the Forestry Museum. The Museum is located across the street from the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. You are going the right way if you see a town from back in time. This is what the typical cotton town looked like back in. It was a neat way to really set the stage for the exhibits on the inside. We went into the building first, but I wish we did it the other way.

I think that seeing how our towns have evolved correlated with the way we have improved our ability to produce food. The museum had a really cool model train that showed what the town was like. The kids were also fascinated by the crop duster exhibit and they learned a lot about catfish. The youngest kept telling us catfish facts every time we ordered some.

   We really enjoyed learning about the innovations over the years, and we found this to be both a fun and valuable place to visit. It is important to bring ourselves back to the past to understand where we have come from. It also sparks creativity and forward-thinking to see how the tools of the trades have evolved to make things easier, cost-effective, and push toward the future while looking at the great feats of Mississippi’s past.

Mississippi Agriculture Museum aims to create an environment that communicates the value of past and present Mississippi agricultural lifestyles, relationships and practices and their relevance to the future of all people. They have The Heritage Center, Small Town Mississippi, Train Exhibit, The Nature Trail, National Agricultural Aviation Museum, Barnyard & Livestock Museum, The Victory Garden, The Fitzgerald Collection and more.

1150 Lakeland Drive Jackson, Mississippi 39216

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