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The capital city of Mississippi, the city of Jackson is an intriguing place known as “The City with Soul.” It’s full of rich culture, arts, music, friendly people and good Southern food. There are lots of things to do in Jackson MS, and we had a great time exploring and learning during our visit. But aside from those my family and I totally enjoyed the food that the city has to offer. We were not able to try as many Restaurants in Jackson MS as we could, but the ones we’ve tried are exceptional.

Restaurants in Jackson MS that we've tried!
From the best ice cream floats to the best fried ravioli and to the best breakfast dishes. These are just some of the great food that you should try from the Restaurants in Jackson MS.

Here are the Restaurants in Jackson MS that we’ve tried!

Sal & Mookies

 I have been to New York dozens of times in my life, so to see a slice of New York in Mississippi was confusing at first. The only thing similar was the pizza was incredible. At Sal & Mookies guests are treated like family. The owners have thought of everything from fully customizable food to activities for the kids.

We started with the fried ravioli and the cheese sticks. I should say they started with those two items. I got a bite of each, and then the kids devoured them and informed me that they were delicious. I wasn’t upset because I was saving room for one of their incredible pizzas.

   The ice cream floats are what dreams are made of from apple pie, cotton candy, to creations piled upon with your favorite cereal. I made sure to taste each one for quality control. I assure you there was quality but not much control after one sip. You just kept slurping. I was among family, so the slurping noise was drowned out with laughter.
We ordered the cheese pizza because you need to have the most basic pizza to determine if a place is worth it’s salt. I am happy to report Sal & Mookies sauce, crust, spices, and cheese were a melody of happiness on a plate. You would be happy just ordering the cheese but why stop there when you can have a flavor explosion.

The only problem with Sal & Mookies is the menu was full of so many unique flavor combinations that you want to order a slice of everything, and they do not tell you drawstring pants are a must. I tried my best to narrow it down to two pies that I had never had, which were the Penn Station and the South Street Seaport.

The Penn Station had a whipped dill caper cream cheese spread with fontina, mozzarella, tomatoes, capers, red onions, and smoked salmon. The cream cheese spread and the salt of the salmon mixed with the crust makes this a must order, and a must eat for the very next morning.

South Street Seaport pizza was my favorite. Old Bay béchamel, Provolone, mozzarella, crabmeat, shrimp, and crawfish tails were an edible delight. I keep telling my husband we need to try to make this; it was all my favorites in one place: seafood, cheese, and just the right seasoning. 

Authentic New York flavor with none of the big city attitude. Sal & Mookie’s brought New York style to Mississippi in 2007. With authentic New York pizzas and a full Little-Italy themed menu— plus an ice cream shop right in the heart of the restaurant.

Visit Sal & Mookies at 565 Taylor Street Jackson, MS.


What once started as a pharmacy that served sodas and ice cream became a place that serves all of your family favorites. It didn’t matter who I met in Jackson they had all been to Brent’s. 
Brent’s has existed since 1946, and it seems that this is the place to bring your family. I can understand why. From the charming decor that kept with the original decor to the retro toys and the pleasingly happy food, you can’t go wrong with a meal at Brent’s. I had a pimento omelet. It was large, in charge, and gone within minutes of hitting my plate. I made the mistake of allowing my youngest to try it and then low and behold I had someone who wanted my breakfast and his own.

  The service was quick, pleasant, and the price points were reasonable. The menu offered plentiful choices, even for the person who doesn’t know what they want. Rest assured you will leave happy after eating at Brent’s. You may also want to sing the tune to Happy Days.

Pharmacist Alvin Brent opened up his own pharmacy and soda fountain in October of 1946. Even from the first days that the doors were open,Brent’s was not only a successful pharmacy, but also a local gathering place for friends and neighbors. In 2014, Brent’s owners took on a renovation, bringing Brent’s to the modern age while keeping its beloved charm. The soda fountain and classic bar stools remain in the original 1946 location.

Visit Brent’s at 655 DULING AVENUE JACKSON, MS 39216

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