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Filipinos are just too sweet and it is killing them

We also learned about how rice is manually processed in the traditional ways

There is a serious epidemic in the Philippines. No it is not typhoid fever or Zika. It is something much more ordinary than you think. With over 4 million people diagnosed in the Philippines, it is ranked number 15 in the world for diabetes prevalence. Without a doubt, Filipinos LOVE sugar. Chocolate porridge is commonly […]

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Who Else Wants The Best Queso in GrapeVine Texas

Chill Sports Bar and Grill has the best queso in Grapevine Texas

Do you ever go into a restaurant and want to try something new but you aren’t sure what? Are you intrigued by new flavor combinations using your old favorites? Are you adventurous when it comes to finding something new to add to your repertoire of can’t miss indulgences? If you also find yourself scanning a […]

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