Barcelona Cooking School Review

Barcelona Cooking School Review

The truest definition of trip worth taking is one that opens your eyes. A trip that leaves you a better person than before. This experience can be one that is uncomfortable because learning something new often is. It is like the first time you put on your favorite pair of tennis shoes. They are a little tight. You may have to adjust your foot or untie the laces. You know if you wear them long enough and give them a chance that you have found the best shoe. You will soon not remember the bain of their existence you will remember the memories you made while wearing them.

You will believe these shoes will enable you in ways you have never imagined. That is how I feel about travel. I get a little nervous. It often doesn’t feel just right but soon it becomes like a second skin as I move around and try my best to fit in and look, wonder, explore, and learn.

That is why when I travel I always try to leave with more knowledge than I came. I want to bring something back to my family that can’t be bought in a store. I want to share where I have been and bring that flavor, culture, and feeling back to them. That is why I love learning to cook in the places I have traveled. I still cook Thai food that I learned to cook in my cooking with Poo class. You can see that I brought back Thailand by taking a cooking class in Thailand.

Barcelona was no different. I wanted to be able to make cuisine that my family would enjoy. I wanted to be able to share the love I felt for Spain and put it on a plate for them to embrace. I knew I needed some assistance so I selected the Barcelona cooking class.

The Barcelona cooking school is owned by two chefs. It is located at La Rambla, 58, ppal 2. Barcelona, Spain 08002. It was a little tricky to find there is a small sign on the door and then you need to walk up two floors. If you made it to Mcdonalds, you passed the door. The kitchen itself faces the market, and it offered a lively and enjoyable view.

I had the pleasure of cooking with Ross. You purchase your tickets online. We selected the night class because it worked best for our schedule. If you go on a Monday, you will not make anything with seafood since the boats do not go out on Sunday. We also found out that the school will make accommodations for food allergies. We had two vegetarians in our group. There is a place to indicate this on your reservations. We had a class with two other couples and a family of four. The group was lively, and we enjoyed our company.

You will learn to cook an entire meal. There is no need to write things down because you will be mailed some easy to follow recipes within a couple of days of your cooking classes conclusion.

Barcelona Cooking School Review

The quality of instruction was excellent. We were shown not only what to cook but how. I improved my knife skills. I also had the pleasure of watching others develop theirs.

The selection of food for the menu was wonderful. We created a squash soup called Crema De Calabaza. I recreated it and added a couple of steps to the directions that we received. You can see my butternut squash soup recipe.

Then we had a tomato toast Pan Con Tomate which is very authentic to Spain.

That was followed by a Chicken Paella Valenciana.

Barcelona cooking class

We made a stuffed eggplant for the Vegetarians.

They also had a pear with red wine for dessert.

Pear with red wine

The people in the group that was able to eat eggs enjoyed both a Spanish Omelet Tortilla Espanola. I even bought these two items a pan and board to make my own at home.

Spanish Omelet Tortilla Espanola

Non-Stick Aluminum Double Frying Pan – 2 Detachable Pans for Flipping and Tossing Omelettes

Round Wood Cutting Board

Our dessert was a wonderful Crema Catalana which is a dessert.

Crema Catalana

Jo Chef Professional Culinary Torch

The instruction, menu, people, and techniques were one of the best parts of my journey to Spain. In that kitchen, we found each other we bond over food, wine, and commonalities. I came out a better cook with new recipes but I also came out a better person because learning from others fills your soul.

I give the Barcelona cooking school 5 stars for value, authenticity, charm, and a menu that you can replicate at home.

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