Cheap 2 Day Madrid Itinerary

Things to Do in Madrid Spain

   I had the pleasure of visiting Spain. I am a budget-friendly girl so I wanted to share what I did to have a trip that was both enjoyable and reasonably priced. I will include some of my tried and true travel trips. You see even if you only have two days in Madrid you can see the city and get a taste for what makes Madrid so wonderful.

Here are some things to do in Madrid Spain

Cheap 2 Day Madrid  Itinerary

   There are four main things that cost money when traveling: 1) Transportation 2) Lodging 3) Food 4) Experiences

This is how to save money on transportation in Madrid:

  1. Walk – we did a lot of this. We used Google Maps and found our way around the city.
  2. Bicycle- You can rent these in the city and ride away.
  3. Hop on and off again bus- I would buy the two-day pass to save. We found this was a wonderful way to see the city and not get lost.
  4. Metro- You can buy a pass that allows you to travel multiple times and you can buy a single pass and use it for multiple people.

I would avoid cabs. If you need one do not let your hotel order it for you. I would go to the end of the street and look for a car with a green light. Cabs accept Euros and Credit cards.


How do you save on lodging?

  1. I noticed several hostels in Spain. They are very reasonable.
  2. We stayed in a Hotel Quatro it was reasonably priced and it included a plentiful breakfast. The rooms were clean and it was located in walking distance to the center of town without having to deal with the crowds.
  3. Arrange your hotel with your airline packages to save on your stay. We used this service _________________


Ah, the best part of every trip is food! I can say this because I walk about 8 hours each day. This is my best tip for cheap eats. You stay at a place with free breakfast. Then we went to the cafe and at for under 10 euros for lunch. There are several places when you can get a small plate, sandwich, or meal.


Then for dinner plan to spend under 20 Euros, there are several places that offer tasting menus where you have multiple courses. The other thing we did was order paella and we found we could split the meals since they were so plentiful. We also ate our desserts right from the bakery counters.

We found that going on the side streets not only resulted in the best meals but they were the most authentic and reasonably priced.

These were a couple of our top choices:

We went to Sobrino de Botín  (Casa Botin) for lunch. It was okay and it wasn’t budget friendly, however, it is Ernest Hemingway’s favorite restaurant.  It’s the oldest restaurant in the world. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.- Note you will pay for bread, water, and tip is included at 10%. 

The last is experiences:

Cheap 2 Day Madrid Itinerary

Day 1 arrive to take a taxi from the airport it is 30 euros or the metro

Check into your hotel and deposit your bags

Then buy a hop on and hop off bus ticket for two days. We paid 40 euros for two days. The hotel should sell one at a discount, however, look on your phone to confirm the best price.

Walk to the bus stop and ride the bus to see all the attractions.

You can enjoy these free museums:

Museo Reina Sofia

Museo del Prado

The open-air markets at El Rastro

and these historical landmarks

Plaza Mayor

Plaza de Espana

The Debod Temple

Mercado de San Miguel

Chapel of Obispo de Madrid

The Royal Palace- small entry fee

If you want to buy these attractions I would do so online. They are cheaper you can print out your passes or use your phone. We found buying at the door cost more money.



When I talk about buying items make sure that you have not only told your credit card you are traveling abroad find out the fees for using their cards. Then find out if it makes a difference if they charge you in Euros or dollars if you are based in America.

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