5 Reasons to Visit Charleston SC

 I recently received a call from my younger sister. She suggested a vacation with our children. We live about 14 hours from one another. I reside in Virginia while she resides in Tampa. We decided that South Carolina would be the perfect destination since it is half way between us. There are so many things to do in South Carolina. It is family friendly, and it is the perfect spot for a couples getaway or a Girl’s getaway.
 5 reasons to visit charleston sc

5 Reasons to visit Charleston SC

1) The number one reason for me to visit a place is the culture. It is, in fact, the first place where the civil war shots were fired. We also attended a tour by water, and we learned that most of the slaves that entered this country did so by way of South Carolina.  We were able to see Fort Sumter, learned about how the indigo crop transformed the economy, and we heard tales of pirates who were beheaded. South Carolina was first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation and the 8th state to ratify the U.S Constitution. They were also the first state to succeed the Union.
 Visit Charleston SC Carolina Belle
2) The food. I think a place is defined by the cuisine and South Carolina is no exception. We had the best Barbecue at Sticky Fingers and out of this world seafood at Hyman’s. The cost of food was very reasonable and plentiful.
 Visit Charleston SC for the food
3) You do not need a rental car. You can walk to everything if you stay in the right location. I highly recommend the Belmond, Charleston Place. It was beautiful, centrally located, well staffed, and the pool was a great way to relax. The suites were filled with exceptional decor and met with my sleep test. I usually have a difficult time falling asleep in hotels, but the beds, sheets, and pillows were exceptional and there wasn’t any noise to contend with. I just can’t imagine going to South Carolina, Charleston and not staying at the Belmond.
visit Charleston SC and stay at the Belmond
4) Location, Location, Location. Yes, that is right Charleston, South Carolina is int he middle of everything. We had a great time walking. We walked to dinner. We walked to the market. We walked to get ice cream. There is even a water fountain for the children to run in. We felt completely safe and the children had a blast exploring. They even have an incredible children’s museum which provided our kids with hours of enjoyment.
Visit Charleston SC it is a walking city
5) The people. If you want to return to the gentile of the south this is the place for you to go. I never held open my door once. We have gentleman run to open our door. Where I come from if they see two women and six children they run the other way. We enjoyed talking with the locals and seeing the local crafts. The sweet grass baskets were stunning. They are  one of the oldest hand crafts of African origin in the United States is the hand-woven winnowing sieve, a shallow basket that was used during the Colonial Era to separate the rice seed from its chaff.
Visit Charleston SC flat bottom baskets


Charleston, South Carolina is a place I will return to again and again. It was relaxing, enjoyable, and culturally rich. I look forward to learning more about it and uncovering more restaurants. We were pleased with our location selection. It is a memory our family will treasure.
Visit the Belmond when you visit Charleston SC