Is Thailand cheap to visit?

You hear Thailand and then you see images and you think wow that has to be expensive. The truth is after you buy your ticket it was very reasonable. I paid $1100 round trip. I went during a busy time of the year so I would like to say you can get a ticket for less then that but I would search expedia The Best Flight Deals Found Today at Expedia! to see what the best fares are and I would follow our best practices for getting a cheap airline ticket.

5 tips to make Thailand more affordable


I know it isn’t “cheap” but you are going around the world so you need to consider that. I also made a great checklist for you to use to make sure you have everything you need for your journey,  Overseas Travel Checklist and Thailand Travel Tips.

The five things that make Thailand so affordable are:

Money conversion
The Dollar is stronger then the Baht so your money goes further. Frankly, everything is less expensive to begin with. You also need to be willing to ask for discounts. Tell them what you want to pay and be prepared to walk away if they do not give in. There are a lot of places to buy items and get services so do not be afraid to say no and move on.
girlfriend getaway to thailand
Inexpensive Tours
The tours are very reasonable including travel, food, and activities for the day you can do almost anything for about $60. We went on a boat road to three different islands, had snacks, went swimming, and snorkeled  for $30. Then we went on another trip to James Bond Island in the long tail boat which was just as nice as the speed boat for the 1,700 baht . We got the kids rate which ended up being $51 for all of those things listed. It was truly a wonderful trip.
Is Thailand Cheap to visit you can save money on tours
Reasonable Room Rates
The lodging is extremely reasonable from the backpack to the five star hotels which you can get on a deal for less than $100 a night total. We stayed in the Holiday Inn express in Patong Beach it was beautiful.
Save money on your hotel booking to help make thailand more affordable
Fantastic Food 
The food is very reasonable you can get amazing meals for under $10
Thailand food is delicious and very reasonably priced
Affordable Jewelry and Clothing
The best part is jewelry and clothing are very reasonable. I snagged a great dress for $10. I also got pearl and silver jewelry for much less than in the States. I was able to find knock off purses and plenty of handmade jewelry, hats, scarfs, and furniture.
Thailand food market
So is Thailand cheap to visit? Maybe not cheap but definitely affordable if you follow our tips. Do you have any tips to for travel and adventure in Thailand for cheap? Please share, we would love to know more ways to save.