James Bond Island

While on our trip we ventured to what is know as the James Bond Island. It is so named because the movie The Man was the Golden Gun was filmed there. The James Bond Island is located off the shores of Phuket, Thailand .

James Bond Island is a fun place to visit when in Phuket Thailand


You will have to take a boat to get there. We did so as part of a tour. I would  recommend  a tour . I also wouldn’t pay more then the child admission for adults. You can  haggle the price and I would do so pretend to leave there are a lot of places that sell the tours and you are going to find one somewhere. They are all the same item so get the best price. You will need to book your tours two days in advance if possible or the day before . I would say that most tours leave very early in the morning so be aware that you will have to get picked up early and make sure your hotel is on the route and it is included in the tour. You can rarely schedule two tours for the same day so try to find one that is the most inclusive.

James Bond Island boat tour

The trip that we selected was the regular boat we didn’t select the motor boat and it was a good choice. We were picked up at our hotel and taken to a dock. There was a long boat complete with life jackets and a tour guide that did speak English. We saw some beautiful scenery on our way to James Bond Island. We did get off the boat and were given a short window to look around the island. There were vendors everywhere and their prices were very high but again you can talk them down. It is what they expect you to do.

James Bond Island boat tour

I soon learned while on tour the meaning of the island name Khao Phing Kan means hills leaning against one another. The Island Ko Tapu translates to spike or nail and the island does resemble one.


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