Free Printable Overseas Travel Checklist

I recently embarked on a trip overseas. I went to Thailand. That involved countless flights and almost a day of travel time. It did end up being over 24 hours after a delay. That prompted me to write this post because we often do not think about what we should bring in our carry on. We are often overwhelmed with packing that we forget what we might need while we travel.

Get this printable Overseas Travel Checklist to make sure everything you need gets packed

These items saved me after my very long flight. I couldn’t imagine not having them. I always make sure to bring an extra outfit because I am not know for being graceful and I have in the past spilled something on myself or gotten dirty while trying to plow through the airport with my luggage.

Overseas Travel Checklist

Photo Id (passport)

Medical records if applicable

Small bills for tipping

Credit card (make sure you have alerted your card carrier about your travel plans

Medical Card

Before you leave photo copy your passport and credit card and any other card you are bringing on your journey

Printed boarding passes

Usb cord to charge your device

Extra battery

Travel Toothbrush


face wash


tooth pick


reading material

Extra outfit

Extra undergarments



Gum/ mint


Overseas Travel Checklist

Free Printable Overseas Travel Checklist

The best investment I made before leaving the country was in a passport holder that was on a necklace.  Then the next thing that I needed was an
iPhone waterproof case. That way I didn’t have to worry about anything happening to my phone. You never know what will spill or when you will be hit with rain while traveling. I figured everything else could get wet. I did bring a shopping bag for my camera. If you have a small camera just bring a ziplock bag. You can never be too prepared. That is why we made you a checklist so you do not have to remember everything in your head. We hope you have a wonderful trip.

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