Packing Tip: Use Travel Folders

Disclosure: I was provided with one of  Dot&Dot’s Travel Folders to facilitate this review. All opinions and ideas are my own.

I like to think of myself as an expert on travel packing. It helps that I have a healthy dose of OCD and a strong desire to really relax and have fun when we travel. I do NOT want not spend precious time looking for something in our bags or spending extra money to buy something we forgot. Every item has its place and I can usually direct my husband with 100% accuracy to  exactly where he can find any item he needs for himself or the kids. Over the years I have tried a variety of travel bags, packing accessories, and different approaches. I always love trying something new especially if I think it will improve upon what we are already doing. I am very excited to tell you that my new favorite travel essentials are travel folders from Dot & Dot Travel Accessories. In fact, I love these travel folders so much I have already ordered more.

Simle and Easy Family Packing Tips using Dot and Dot Travel Folders

Pack things in smaller separate bags 

One tried and true practice is to pack things in smaller separate bags.  This cuts down on everyone rifling through each others stuff and getting things disheveled and disorganized. We often use smaller bags for each family member. Sometimes I even pack two bags for each family member, one with clothing and one with pajamas. Sometimes and this is where the OCD really kicks in I may even pack a third or fourth small bag for specific activities. For example if I know we are going to the pool then I may pack small bags for each person with a swimsuit, towel, and googles etc. Usuallly when I do this my husband and I can share a bag but the kids get their own. This is also a great way to have the kids take some responsibility and be self directed. They can grab their individual bags and take care of their own belongings. Dot & Dot travel folders and travel cubes are the perfect way to sseparate everyone’s stuff. I love that the have a mesh window pn all the bags so you can quickly see what is inside.

Assign each family member a color

This way you can pack each family member separate bags, one for clothes, one for pajamas, one for toiletries etc but all their bags will be the same color so you can easily tell whose is whose. Bonus: You also know who to call when someone’s stuff needs to be picked up. Dot & Dot travel accessories come in a variety of colors.

Put smaller bags inside larger bags 

Give everyone their own suitcase for all of their individual bags. This makes it easier to carry everything from the car to your hotel room. Bonus:If you have big kids they can carry all their own stuff. Smaller children can easily pull behind a suitcase on wheels. Why should the parents be the only ones doing the work to get everyone happily settled for vacation.

Empty Dot and Dot travel folder

Pack an extra travel folder or two

Dot & Dot travel folders fold up flat so you can easily pack an extra one. This will give you extra space to bring home souvenirs and mementos from your trip.

As always safe travels. Share your favorite packing accessories with us below!

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