7 Thanksgiving Travel Tips

thanksgiving travel tips

thanksgiving travel tips

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of spending time with loved ones, remembering what we are thankful for and enjoying delicious food. I didn’t always think like this.

I used to go into a panic thinking about Thanksgiving because making travel plans would push me to the end of my sanity and have me seriously reconsider just staying home. Then I started doing some research on

Thanksgiving travel in an attempt to make life easier and prevent me from totally losing it and now I would love to share them with you. Take a look at my 7 Thanksgiving travel tips to stay cool, calm and collected this year!

1. One of the best ways to save is to book your flight in advance. Now, I don’t mean you should book it 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. I’m talking more like 2 months in advance. That’s when you will get the cheapest prices. As you get closer to Thanksgiving, prices will increase.

2. If you can’t afford to book your flight months in advance, then consider flying in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving Day and arriving at your destination in the afternoon. Those will be the cheaper flights because a lot of people prefer to get to their destination by Wednesday night or even earlier because that Wednesday is a busy travel day.

Thanksgiving travel tips for those who drive or fly

3. Returning home, you will find the cheapest flights on Friday morning or Monday. Friday night through Sunday nights are busier and more expensive. Plan to leave either right after Thanksgiving or wait until the weekend is over.

4. Pack smart to avoid high baggage check fees. If you over pack you can end up spending a lot to check extra luggage.

5. Use the internet to compare prices from all major airlines and get the best possible price you can.

6. Skip the flight altogether and take the train instead. Flying may be faster, but consider taking an overnight train trip. You will avoid the hassle of airport security and baggage checking and save money as well. Train travel is the safest way to travel and also the more comfortable option in terms of room to move around, bringing electronic devices with you and food.

7. Don’t stress yourself out! Thanksgiving is supposed to be a fun and relaxing holiday. No matter how well you plan, expect a few bumps in the road and don’t let them ruin your Thanksgiving.


If staying home for Thanksgiving is not in your plans this year, make the best of your travels. Plan ahead, shop around and don’t let traveling during the holidays get the best of you. Use these 7 Thanksgiving travel tips to make planning your trip and getting to the turkey a breeze!

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