Things to Do in Mississippi Gulf Coast

We arrived in Coastal Mississippi or also known as Mississippi Gulf Coast and we were so excited to be hosted for a couple of days. I mean who wouldn’t? You have the ocean, seafood, art, family fun, and an itinerary that includes catching shrimp. We also discovered amazing Restaurants in Mississippi Gulf Coast. You should check out for lots of fun things to do in Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Check out all the Fun Things to Do in Mississippi Gulf Coast
There are lots of Fun Things to Do in Mississippi Gulf Coast including Biloxi Shrimping Trip which was my family’s favorite.

Here are some of the fun things to do in Mississippi Gulf Coast

I usually write my trip reviews in the order of our adventures but frankly, this activity was our favorite in Coastal Mississippi and it needs to appear at the top.

The Biloxi Shrimping Trip was the most fun and informative piece of our trip. The captain and his mates were kind, helpful, and full of knowledge sprinkled with silly stories. The trip was interactive. The kids are still talking about how to tell which shrimps are which. They also know facts that I am sure will make them millionaires on Jeopardy. I think this was a great activity for anyone and everyone. You do not go out far so the water is calm it was a nice way to take a boat trip, learn something about the Mississippi fishing industry, and catch a bunch of lifelong memories.

693 Beach Boulevard
Biloxi Small Craft Harbor
Biloxi, MS 39530

Have you ever been on a trip and you had everything planned? You are ready and it rains. It didn’t just rain I mean it was the clouds opened up and bumped into one another in an attempt to see who could spill the most water. We weren’t the type of people that wanted the fun to stop so we took our six children to Altitude Trampoline Park and it was a blast.

It is an indoor jumping space that offers activities that range from regular jumping to dodgeball, and places where you can try out your skills and land in foam. I was a fan of the massage chairs!

Visit Altitude Trampoline Park at 9444 Highway 49, Gulfport, MS 39503

If there was one thing on our Mississippi adventure that the kids were counting down the days until they could and do it was this. The draw of the waterpark had them promising to pick up everything, carry bags, and not argue. It was worth all their sacrifices. They loved the wave pool. The tube slides were “fast” and “cool’. Then the slide where they went down on their belly was a favorite. I mean they couldn’t stop going up and down and racing one another. We had a super time and I would highly suggest adding it to any Itenary.

Gulf Islands Waterpark

Visit Gulf Islands Waterpark at 13100 16th Street Located off I-10 (exit Highway 49 North to Landon Road) Gulfport, MS 39503

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

We walked into the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center and my first thought was this is for younger kids. I was so wrong. The kid’s ages 6-14 were off to play.

Located in the renovated Mississippi City Elementary School, constructed in 1915, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center offers 15,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space, seven and a half acres of outdoor play space, a spacious theatre, Viking kitchen and other great facilities for community use.

Visit Lynn Meadows Discovery Center at 246 Dolan Avenue Gulfport, MS 39507

Big Play Arcade Biloxi

We again experienced rain so what do you do when it rains and you have six kids. You take them to an arcade. We happen to go on the day that it was 50% off. That just meant the kids had more time to enjoy the activities. There had everything from laser tag to mini-golf. The kids spent hours playing video games. Then they took all their tickets and bought everything on the planet. I can say this would be a must on my list of things to do even if it wasn’t raining.

I also made time to go to the Walter Anderson Art Museum.

I try to see a place from all perspectives and I enjoy looking at a location from the disconcerting eye of an artist. The magical, etherial quality of paintings really capture the beauty of the Coastal Mississippi. The art reminds me of the magic you will find on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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