Stay Healthy on the go with Meal Measure!

This post contains affiliate links Stay on track with your eating habits while traveling with Meal Measure! Portion control plates make staying on track easier.


Have you ever heard of portion control plates? What about Meal Measure. It is perfect for the healthy minded person when traveling! I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of overeating when traveling. And sometimes that week on indulging while on vacation leads to eating the same way when I get home. So when I was given the opportunity to try the Meal Measure I thought it would be the perfect solution to overeating while traveling! 

Portion Control Plates? How Does Meal Measure stack up?

4 portion control areas for  fruits, veggies, protein, and starch


Meal Measure is easy to use, and really puts the amount of food you are supposed to be eating into perspective. The Meal Measure goes over most regular plates, and is easy to slip into your bags to take with you! Ordering room service? Ask for an extra plate so you can use the Meal Measure to put the portion you are actually supposed to be eating, and have some leftovers left for your next meal! The Cavities are labeled vegetable or fruit, starch and protein, and are a cup each. They also have lines for 1/2 cup portions if that is what your diet calls for.

Meal Measure is a great teaching tool to use the rest of your life. Once you see how much a portion actually is, you will be able to judge what you actually should be eating, even without the Meal Measure on your plate!

Remove the portion control plate and see the amount of food looks like a lot. Your plate is full.


This is what my dinner looked like after I took the Meal Measure off. I was surprised on how much it actually was. I know without it I would have gotten more, so I was pleased to find out I was plenty full after eating this portion, and didn’t feel overly full like I often am after eating.

The Meal Measure is great for eating out, eating in, and for kids and adults alike! It comes in 3 different colors, and is only $12.98! Take control of your Vacation eating with Meal Measure. What are some of your tips for managing your weight while traveling?


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