Exercising While Traveling – 5 Tips for Success


I know that we never really want to think about being healthy while on vacation or exercising while traveling and sometimes it just seems downright impossible.  I have written about eating healthy when traveling.  You may also want to check out these clean eating snack ideas for some inspiration on the food part of healthy travels.  But what about exercising while traveling?  I have a few tips that I hope you will find helpful.

Do you think that exercising while traveling is impossible? Think again! Check out these top five tips for success to keep you on track!


Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan ahead.  Yep, this is always the first step.  You plan your route, your packing lists, your lodging and even your itinerary.  Why not plan for exercising while traveling, too?  Look for lodging that has an exercise room or workout facility.  Even if it’s just an elliptical and some free weights, it’s better than nothing.  Print out some exercises and you are good to go.  Exercising while traveling might mean you have to get creative but it isn’t impossible!
  2. Bring your equipment.  If you’re flying this might prove difficult because of bulk or weight.  But you could probably get away with a yoga mat, resistance bands and a deflated stability ball.  Don’t forget good shoes too.  If you’re driving, make room for dumbbells, kettlebells and the above mentioned items.  If your room or condo will have a dvd player, bring some fun cardio DVDs or some yoga for relaxation.  Bookmark your favorite workout sites and bring your laptop if you don’t have DVDs.
  3. Get creative!  So you can’t bring your workout gear on the plane, theres no room in the car or you just forget!  Don’t fret!  Use your imagination.  Water bottles filled with sand, pebbles or even uncooked rice or beans can make great hand weights.  Spread towels on the floor for makeshift yoga mats.  If all else fails, go for a walk!  Search for nearby parks or hit the mall for some walking and window shopping.  Even if you can’t get in a full workout, it’s better than no workout.  Exercising while traveling doesn’t have to be a stressor if you use these tips.
  4. Use your resources.  You have a laptop, a phone and employees where you are staying.  Somewhere there is info on where you can exercise.  Maybe a guest pass at a local gym or a local school with a track that is open to the public.  Get online, on the phone and talk to locals for ideas.  You have no excuses for not exercising while traveling!
  5. Don’t give up!  Do what you have to do.   Jumping jacks, running in places, lunges, squats, etc.  They’re all possible, even in small spaces.  Look up info on HIIT exercises or tabata workouts.  They’re often intense and for short periods of time.  Most can be done in small spaces.  If you just can’t make it work, don’t get discouraged.  Learn from your mistakes and next time you can be better prepared for exercising while traveling.

You can see that exercising while traveling doesn’t have to be exactly like your normal routine.  You can get creative, bring your own gear or talk to locals for input on where to workout.

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