Save on Spa and Salon Services While Traveling

Pamper Yourself for Less and Save on Spa and Salon Services

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Going on a vacation means being able to relax and almost every woman I know would love to receive spa and salon services on vacation. The problem is most kids and spouses are not up to spending a vacation at a spa. For most families, including mine, we vacation together so a Girl’s Trip is out of the question.  However, there are ways to enjoy being pampered with spa and salon services without breaking the bank.

Top 5 Ways to Save on Spa and Salon Services

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  1. Check the hotel or resort you are staying at and see if they have onsite spa and salon services. Many times if you are there during the week they offer a special for guests.
  2. Check with the hotel concierge or front desk and find out if a local spa and salon offer  discounts thru the hotel.
  3. Plan ahead of time and shop Groupon, Amazon Local, Living Social or other savings sites for the area you are visiting. Many times you can find great deals and you can redeem it when you are visiting.  Make sure to make appointments before you arrive so you can get your services purchased while you are there.
  4. If you are looking for a quick mani/pedi ask the hotel staff if there is a local place they can recommend. Most likely they have a favorite little place they would recommend.
  5. Check for a Beauty School or Training Institute like Aveda Salon. They offer services provided by Senior Students at greatly discounted prices. You will get all the relaxation and pampering of a Spa and Salon without the hefty price tag.  Just like with any salon and spa, you will want to call ahead and book your appointment(s).

I recently had the chance to visit my local Aveda Training Institute and received the best facial and pedicure I have ever had. The best part is you won’t feel rushed as they are required to take their time and complete the procedures properly. You can read my review here—–Aveda Training Spa and Salon Review.


Leave us a comment below telling us how you relax on vacation without spending a fortune.

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