Best Places To Eat When You are Hungry In Ireland

Where to Eat in Ireland

Places to eat in Ireland

You are in a foreign country. I understand how difficult it is to find something good to eat. You do not want to waste your time or money on meals that leave a lot to be desired. You want to know where to eat in Ireland. We all know we remember a place because of what we ate there. I am in fact sure that most of my memories have something to do with food. It was just yesterday that I had ponytails and a pink dress that got caught on my shoes as I threw my books on the table so I could get into my Grandmother’s kitchen. I would lick my fingers in anticipation of the cake she was baking. I can still see her there in her apron and me with a bowl of batter in one hand and a spoon in the other laughing over the chocolate that made its way into my nose. The food you will eat in Ireland will live on in your memory long after the millions of shades of green leave your mind.

I am a food blogger and a foodie by choice. I am also a mom

with three kids who like a meal that is healthy, hearty, and I can replicate at home. I put those glasses on when I review the restaurants in Ireland. I tell you I was on assignment and hosted by Failte Ireland so it is my job to eat and tell you what I think.

I will start with restaurants is in Northern County, Ireland. The first place we ate at was atop a hill overlooking the sea. We enjoyed meals at the Creevy Pier Hotel. The decor was charming but the view was spectacular. I  had fish and chips and the seafood chowder.  The only thing I would suggest is sharing the fish and chip were fresh and the seafood chowder was rich and lovely. It was off the beaten path but one worth following.

The next place we dined at was a foodies paradise. We were treated to a delectable arrangement of everything from pigeon to fish. It was an exercise in euphoria. I highly suggest not only staying at the  Harvey Point Hotel but eating a meal there. You will feel like royalty it in this five-star hotel. You can read about my stay at this incredible hotel and see my live movie by reading Hotels In Donegal post.

We then arrived in Ardara, a heritage town noted for its wonderful traditional music festivals and events held throughout the year. While In Ardara we enjoyed lunch at the traditional Irish pub, Nancy’s Bar.  We enjoyed locally sourced seafood and a taste of craft beer from the Kinnegar Brewery in Donegal. The McHugh family have owned Nancy’s for over seven generations, and it has retained the traditional feel and family atmosphere that makes people want to come back again and again. It was a pleasant dining experience. I could have stayed for another round or two of the cake. It was melt in your mouth stop traffic excellent!

We had the pleasure on our journey of staying at the Waterfront Hotel. You can read about the Waterfront hotel itself in my Hotels In Donegal. The dinner was fit for a queen or the very least her army. I had a piece of lamb that was tender and savory but it was massive. The dessert was something I have never had almost a banana dream which I intend to replicate since my children will love it. The meal helped make the Waterfront hotel a place you would want to spend time in.

If one could have a day filled with everything art, history, adventure and then top it off with tea and coffee at the Glenveagh tea rooms. I would say go, go, go.  The Glenveagh offered a quaint dining experience coupled with the beauty of the surroundings. It was a must visit. You can read about my journey in my things to do in Northern Ireland post.

food from Northern Ireland

We travel to Letterkenny, the largest town in Donegal and gateway to the North West it was voted Tidiest Town in Ireland in 2015. It was completed charming and then we had a lunch at Berry Lane. This is no ordinary coffee shop. It had gourmet sandwiches and desserts that I wrapped carefully in a napkin to save for later. I just couldn’t resist extending my Berry Lane experience. It was a fun place to visit and I suggest Letterkenny appearing on your itinerary.

Best Chowder in the world

If you know me you know I am a chowder girl. I was so excited to try the best chowder in the world located in Nancy’s Barn, Ballyliffin. 

I was not to be denied and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The chowder had a smokey flavor coupled with richness. It was so incredible I almost asked for a to-go cup. I ate so much of it that I hardly had room for dinner and dessert which we both incredible but the chowder my friends was the best I have ever had. I only wish they did mail order.

Then on to our final resting place in Donegal.  The Inishowen Gateway We only ate breakfast here it was okay. I would say the hotel was a nice place to stay but I would have liked to try something prepared on their menu since it looks divine. You can see my review of the room in places to stay in Donegal Ireland.

I  say that Donegal is a place where dreams are made. Where people who make you feel welcome to reside. They fill your tummy with splendor and your mind with wonder. The food is an extension of their hearts and generosity. It is one of the best parts of my day to enjoy a meal with friends new and old. I was nourished from the inside out.

In honor of my trip, I want to share some of the easy Irish recipes I know.

Irish soda bread
Easy Irish stew recipe
Irish Scones
Dublin Crockpot Coddle

Sauerkraut and Pork

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Let me know where to eat in Ireland because I plan to go back soon.

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