Hotels in Donegal

Hotels in Donegal

Hotel in Nortern Ireland

I would like to thank Failte Ireland for hosting me on my journey through Donegal all opinions are my own. 

It has been years in the making. You are like me. You have a bucket list in our mind. It keeps changing as your life changes what you really want shifts downward and what you need acts like water that spills on paper. It bunches it all together until you can barely pull it apart to read what was written. There is one thing you know that was on that list.

You know because it wasn’t just written on a list it was etched into your soul. It was written with such candor and thought and love that not a day has gone by where Ireland hasn’t called your name.

You are like me and do not know where your fascination came from. You only know you have always wanted to go. You will go. Well now is the time. You have booked your trip on Expedia US, well that is what I used to save hundreds on my trip. You are now in the planning phase. You need to know where to sleep while in Donegal.

There are so many places to see and so many places you want to discover. You have a limited time and if you are like me a limited budget. You wish you could stay forever.

When you are in Ireland you peel back all the layers you have put on through your hectic schedule. You take them off one by one because the magic of the people, the food, and the land eclipses your biggest and grandest dream. The land will save you from what the world has layer upon you like mud on shoes only. The country will release you. The land will leave you renewed while it awakens all your senses that have been dormant for so long as you muddled through life. When in Donegal, Ireland you will learn to live again.

You have so much to do to get ready for your trip so let me help you with hotels in Donegal. You will need a place that captures what I like to call the Irish charm. You will need a place that makes you feel like a princess. You will need a place that feels like home.

We shall start with the Princess hotel in Donegal, Ireland. I think after watching my room tour of the Harvey Point you will agree. That one would feel like royalty while staying here. The only complaint I had is we didn’t have enough time. I would have traded all of my shoes for a week there. The rooms were incredible the food divine and the owners and staff were like the family you enjoy visiting. There really wasn’t anything more I could have asked for from the soft music piped into the bathroom to the tub that you could swim in. The closets that were large enough to hold anything and everything one would need. The double sinks and mirror. The private bath and the double beds that made you feel like you were sleeping on air. There were two chairs and a calming view. If you have time to take a walk I suggest doing it early so you can see the swans being fed.

We had the pleasure while being hosted at the Harvey’s Point Hotel for dinner and our stay of experiencing a world-class meal. You are welcome to check out what I ate at the Harvey Point in my post on Best Places to Eat in Ireland.  Dinner was fantastic and so was breakfast. I have to say everything one could want for breakfast was there.

In 2017, for the fifth consecutive year, Harvey’s Point Hotel has been named ‘Number 1 hotel in Ireland’ on TripAdvisor. It really isn’t any wonder why. I have stayed in hotels around the world and I would go back to the Harvey Point because it really is exceptional.

The next hotel we stayed at was The Waterfront Hotel. The Waterfront hotel offered seaside accommodations. The rooms were well appointed. The bed was firm but comfy. I loved the body soap and wash that was located in the shower. It was fantastic. The hotel had a fantastic restaurant.  You can see what we at in my what to eat in Ireland post.

The Inishowen Gateway Hotel was the hotel that reminded me most of Ireland. It had a bar in warm woods. The rooms were spacious and the bathroom was large. The floor plan was well designed and I certaintly got a great nights rest. I enjoyed the Irish bar where we were treated to traditional Irish music and dance. We also had the pleasure of learning how to make a proper Irish Coffee. The hotel went out of their way to make sure we felt like treasured guests.

Places to stay in Donegal

Rosemore bed and breakfast

We didn’t have a chance to stay here but I wish we did. The owners were lovely. The snacks were homemade and delish. I loved that we immediately were made to feel like we were part of the family. I would love to come back and visit with my family. The rooms were clean, well designed, and large. I could imagine myself having tea there with that incredible cake!

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Tell me what Hotels in Donegal you like. I loved my time in Northern Ireland County. I hope to go back soon.