What are the Best Wineries In North Carolina

I had the pleasure of visiting Mount Airy, NC as a travel blogger. We were hosted as part of a conference I attend yearly. It gives me the opportunity to see the best of the best of each location, and I did so I can tell you what are the best wineries in North Carolina. What do you get when you take a guy from Boston who moved from Florida and ended up in a field in North Carolina? Then he decides to make wine? You get someone named JW who owns a vineyard called JOLO Vineyards named after his sons Logan and Joey Ray. He and his wife brought not only skill to their craft but attention to detail that is unmatched.

Do you love wine? Discover the best wineries in North Carolina

The Best Winery in North Carolina

If one that serves the best wine. Our glasses were filled with an exceptional wine grown entirely on premise. The wine is hand bottled. The true made in America product of America work ethic sweetens the bountiful delicacy found in their glasses. I could pour over the exceptional food pairings for days but my truth was found in the glass of their 2016 Pink.

Pink wine from Jolo Vineyards in North Carolina

See the beauty of Jolo Vineyards in North Carolina and taste their bestselling wine.

The best winery in North Carolina would have to be set in the best place. Right? The experience was further enhanced by the location. The winery overlooked the vineyard with a backdrop of mountains. We sat inside and had delicious treats while the air was filled with music. The mingling of old world charm with a French influence was evident in the decor. The food pairings were an exceptional combination of salty, sweet, and savory that is sure to please everyone.

The JOLO Vineyard is a place I would visit again when in Mount Airy, NC.

We headed in the direction of another place that served wine in the downtown area of Mount Airy, NC. It was called Old North State Winery. This wasn’t your traditional vineyard it was more of a trendy bar scene. The walls echo with stories of people who had once been. I would ask about the skeleton on the bottle of their Restless Soul Wine. The wine tasting was a wonderful experience. I , however, was more interested in the dessert. The Sonker Dessert was the best dessert I have ever eaten. The fruit warmed the soul while the ice-covered every inch of my sugar fantasy. I highly suggest that you try their Sonker.

The Old North State Winery had several blends I found the story behind them to be very interesting. The 38 is one that was founded on a co-op where everyone came together grapes in hand to create a favorable glass. I tend to like sweet wine and The Afternoon Delight.

This vineyard hosts its own lifestyle brand meant to pair with its fish hippie clothing brand. It is a vineyard vine look sure to be found on the docks at a resort. The wine prices are affordable, and the vibe is cool.

The third vineyard we tried was the Shelton Vineyards and ate at The Harvest Grill. The grill was a bit pricey, and the food was good but not the best I have eaten, but the blackberry wine was exceptional. It was sweet and filled your palate. I highly suggest being indulgent when eating but make sure to save room for dessert. I found it to be the best part of the dining experience. The vineyard was pretty, and it would be a great place to visit for the day or for a romantic evening.

Check out Shelton Winery in North Carolina

Visit the Shelton Vineyard in North Carolina

What are the best wineries in North Carolina? That really depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a romantic day in the sunshine? Do you want a vineyard with an award-winning restaurant? Do you want a hip location with a cool vibe? The choice is yours, but for a wine enthusiast, I would say give the grapes of North Carolina a try.

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