Airport Security Checklist – How to Get Through Quick and Easy

Don’t Travel Without This Airport Security Checklist

Airport Security Checklist

Flying whether it’s for business or pleasure, is such a fun experience. I love to fly! Getting through check in and security lines is a whole other ballgame. If you’re not used to flying, getting through the security lines can be a nightmare! There are some simple things you can do ahead of time and once you get there to make sure your experience is much quicker and smoother. If you’re traveling with kids, here is a great travel checklist for kids!

Before getting to the security gates, you’ll have to check in and get your boarding pass. If you’re bringing baggage with you that needs checked, you can usually check in and check your baggage at the curb if your airport has curbside service.

Airport Security Checklist – Get Through Quick and Easy:

Drivers License and Boarding Pass – Keep in an easy to get to pocket in your carry-on bag or purse.

Make sure your carry-on bag is within the maximum size allowed. Check your airline for their guidelines on sizes and weight.

Liquids – If you have liquids in your carry-on bags or purse, you’ll need to make sure that each bottle/container of liquids (includes anything like cosmetics, perfume, or any other liquids) are in a quart sized zip bag. Also, each container cannot be larger than 3.4 oz.

Easy slip on shoes – You’ll be made to take your shoes off when going through the security gate, so make sure that you’re wearing easy slip on/slip off shoes.

Empty pockets – Make sure your pockets in your clothing are empty. When going through the scanner machine, nothing should be in your pockets.

Laptops – If you have a laptop in your carry on bag, make sure to take it out when you’re ready to go through the line.

Airport Security Checklist Tips:

Once you’re at the security gate line, you’ll notice people placing things in plastic tubs. Things generally move pretty fast, so once it’s your turn to get through the line, place your carry-on bag in a plastic tub, your shoes in another tub along with your laptop. Sometimes, they’ll make you place your laptop in a separate tub.

Pack light – I know that’s difficult to do sometimes, depending on how long you’ll be gone or how many are traveling with you. Keep in mind that you’ll more than likely be bringing things back home with you from your travels so you’ll want the space coming back home.

Carry on Baggage – Carry your most needed things in there in case your checked baggage gets lost. Things like laptops or mobile devices, a change of clothes, purse with ID and credit cards or cash, etc.


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