Boggy Creek Airboats ~ Kissimmee, Florida





Boggy Creek Airboats

Kissimmee, Florida


My son, daughter in law and granddaughter came for a visit.  They were only here in Florida for about 10 days and didn’t really have the time to do everything.  So we chose a couple things that we thought would be different to do, that we had never done.  One of those is Boggy Creek Airboats.  Located in Kissimmee, Florida at 2001 E. Southport Rd. and relatively close to everything.

I have lived in Florida for 10 yrs. now and I can’t believe that boggy creek airboats was only about 30 miles from me and I was never there.  We had such a great time and even saw some alligators.

We went into the store when we first got there and saw some neat animals.



I was a little hesitant to go because I have never been on an air boat. I’m kind of a scardey cat.  There was about 20 people on the boat.  It didn’t go very fast and it wasn’t scary at all.  They stopped so we could get some good pictures of the alligators.   There is also a One Hour Night Tour, Swamp Excursion and a 1 hour Scenic Nature Tour.



It lasted a good 30 minutes on the Scenic Nature Tour.  When we got off, we got to have our pictures taken with Fluffy.  Fluffy is a baby alligator.  Of course his mouth was all taped up so he couldn’t bite us.  We all took turns holding him. Aubrey even got to hold his tail.




After that, we got to see some magic tricks.  He was really good at them.  It amazes me how they do that.

Boggy Creek Airboats has a couple different airboat rides to choose from.  They start at Adults: $26.95 and Child: 3-10 $20.95.  Overall, we had a really great time for the fraction of the cost of a Disney ticket.

So, if you are visiting central Florida, be sure to check it out.  It’s a nice alternative to spending entire days at the amusement parks.


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