Preparing For A Visit At The Renaissance Festival

Preparing for the  Michigan Renaissance Festival

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The Michigan Renaissance Festival comes every year to Holly,MI and my whole life I have only lived 45 minutes away but yet I have never intended.This year I decided to shake things up and get the whole family to go with me. My daughter and husband agreed to check out and accompanied me to a Media Event prior to opening weekend. We left the event super excited to return when it was open and we immediately started our preparations. Since this was my first time, I had to seek advice from seasoned attendees of the Renaissance Festival. To make your trip easier keep on reading for my top tips to follow when preparing for your visit to the Renaissance Festival.

 Top Tips for Preparing for the Michigan Renaissance Festival

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  • Decide which dates you will be attending. The Michigan Renaissance Festival runs for 7 weeks and every weekend has a special theme. Decide on the one that best suits you and your family. We have decided to attend the High Seas Adventure Weekend!
  • Purchase your tickets. You can usually purchase discounted tickets from your local grocery store,credit union/bank, drug store or online savings site. You can also find savings online at their website for special events and promotions. Decide early because there is usually a cut off date to purchase discount tickets.
  • Decide if you want to wear a costume. The whole cast and crew will be in costume but festival goers are not required to wear costumes. You need to decide if you want to be an “observer” in street clothes or delve into the whole experience in costume.
  • Decide on your Renaissance Festival Costume Theme. Options are endless with costume options so have fun with it and step out of the box. You can go simple or extravagant and you will find all types when you attend.
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  • Determine if you are making or buying your costume. Depending how creative you are and how much you want to dress up you may want to make your costume. If you are like me creativity does not flow thru my veins so we decided to buy our costumes.
    • Buying Costume-Find a site that sells costumes year round. I found that Halloween Express had great prices and had costumes for everyone. The total for all 3 costumes featured in this post was under $150.00. They sell kid’s costumes and Plus Size Costumes for both Men and Women. It is easy to shop by Costume Theme and within minutes I had selected costumes for each of us. Make sure to check out the sizing guide so you select the correct size based on your measurements. Our costumes arrived quickly and I was very impressed with the size and fit.
    • Making Costume-Simple things like Fairy Wings or a drinking cup will have you part of the festivities but dress yourself up with this Adorable Non-Sew Fairy Tutu .
  • Attend the Renaissance Festival.  You have done all your prep work and now you are ready to attend the festival and have tons of fun. Make sure to take pictures of your adventures and your costume selections so you can share them with friends and are one step ahead for next year’s planning.
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