Travel Checklist for Kids

Travel Checklist for Kids

Travel Checklist for kids

When getting ready to travel, I always feel like I’m going to forget something. When I travel by myself, it’s one thing but when I’m trying to pack for 6, forgetting something is inevitable. I’m definitely a checklist kind of person. I love to be organized and have things that I can cross off. So when you travel with kids, try making a checklist. Here’s a Travel Checklist for kids that can get you started.

Travel Checklist for Infants

• Bottles
• Extra Bottle Nipples
• Pacifier
• Breast Pump and Corresponding Parts
• Baby Food and Cereal (if eating foods yet)
• Baby Spoons
• Baby Lotion
• Baby Wash and Shampoo
• Portable Changing Pad
• Portable Crib or playpen (if you’re staying at  hotels, you can call ahead to see if they have one to use)
• Diapers
• Wipes
• Two to Three Set of Clothes for Each Day
• Hat (if you will be in the sun much)
• Small Toys/Books
• Teething Supplies (Orajel, Teething Tablets, Children’s Motrin, etc.)

Travel Checklist for Toddlers

• Two Pairs of Clothing/Day
• Finger Food Snacks (Rice Puffs, Yogurt Drops, Crackers, etc.)
• Small Spoons/Forks
• Sippy Cups
• Diapers and/or Pull-Ups
• Small Bag of Toys, Coloring Books and Stickers
• Comfortable Shoes
• Jacket/Coat or sweatshirt
• Underwear
• Socks
• Bathing Suit
• Small Night Light
• Favorite Blanket/Toy
• Bibs
• Toothbrush and Toothpaste
• Pajamas

Travel Checklist for Older Kids

• Toothbrush and Toothpaste
• Clothing (One pair for each day plus two extra pairs)
• Jacket
• “Play” Shoes
• Sunscreen
• Bathing Suit
• Portable DVD Players/Video Game Console
• Movies and Video Games
• Body Wash
• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Makeup and Perfume (cologne for boys)
• Cell Phones
• DVDs and Video Games
• Chargers for all electronics


• Coloring Books and Crayons
• Mind Teaser Games
• Drinks and Snacks for the Vehicle
• Books
• Maps and Brochures of Destination Area
• Insect Repellent
• Tylenol/Motrin, Allergy Medicine and Daily Vitamins
• Sunscreen (for kids and adults)

Whew! What a list!!

My husband usually says anything that we forget we can usually pick up at a store. But if we remember the important stuff, that’s a lot of money we can save while traveling. The last thing we want to do is spend money on something that we have at home but just forgot.

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Have fun on your travels!


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