Stay Green on Vacation with Adoba Eco Hotel

stay green on vacation
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You Can Stay Green on Vacation with Adoba Eco Hotel

stay green on vacation

Going on vacation seems like the worst time to try and stay green. I always cringe at the thought of sheets being changed daily and towels just being discarded on the floor and frequently leave the “Do Not Disturb” Sign on the door. Operating in a “Green” or “Eco” Fashion doesn’t stop at sheets and towels. It is incorporated in day to day operations and the management of  the hotel. This concept has taken shape at  Adoba Eco Hotel where your vacation can be Eco Friendly and Enjoyable.

Adoba Eco Hotel is located in Dearborn, Michigan with a secondary location in Rapid City, South Dakota

stay green on vacation

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adrienne Pumphrey (The Global Head) of Adoba Eco Hotel and talk to her about the concept and mission of the hotel. We met at the Dearborn, Michigan location and I was impressed with the property and the mission. I was also impressed with their respect for the employees. Respect for something you don’t always see from employers and I was able to witness first hand how the employees responded and could see that they felt valued in the position and influence of the company.  Adoba recognizes that their employees are the key to making their mission a reality and turn to them for input as well as relying on them to bring these ideas to life.

The Adoba Eco Hotel allows you to stay green on vacation because they have implemented these practices.

Efficient Ventilation system, non-toxic pest control, energy efficient light bulbs, toiletries in recycled packaging, ENERGY STAR Laundry Machines, water efficient toilets, water efficient faucets, water efficient shower heads, waste heat control, recycling, tracking of energy use and more.

The mission of the hotel does not exist in the hotel alone but continues inside The Giulilo and Sons Restaurant. (Dearborn, MI location) This on site restaurant run by Executive Chef, Phillip Baxman, features organic, fair trade and locally sourced food.  Chef Baxman shows that you can cook sustainably and deliciously, as was evidenced in the lunch he served.


stay green on vacation

The Adoba Hotel -Dearborn  has been awarded the GreenLeaders Gold Award by Green Key Global(Trip Advisors).

Book your next trip and stay at the Adoba Dearborn Eco Hotel and stay green on vacation. 

stay green on vacation

All photos in our Stay Green on Vacation Post are courtesy of Adoba Eco Hotel and Giulini and Sons.

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