3 New Rides at Kings Dominion! Coming in Spring 2017!

Kite Eating Tree is one of the three new rides at Kings Dominion that is coming in the Spring of 2017
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I was invited to a press event at Kings Dominion to hear the latest exciting news for the 2017 season. I can’t wait to share all the excitement with you! So not only are there going to be 3 new rides at Kings Dominion in Snoopy’s Planet but also a Pre-K Pass and wifi throughout the park! Amazing! Keep reading for more details.

3 New Rides at Kings Dominion! Coming in Spring 2017!Kite Eating Tree is one of the three new rides at Kings Dominion that is coming in the Spring of 2017

The line up of new rides at Kings Dominion starts with the Kite Eating Tree – Charlie Brown’s kite is stuck in a tree again, can you help get it down? On this family ride, guests will be propelled to the top of the tower and bounce down to the platform as they experience sensations of weightlessness. I know my little guy is going to love this ride.

Sally's Sea Plane is one of the three new rides at Kings Dominion coming in the spring of 2017.

The newest character to have a ride named in her honor is Sally. Riders will climb aboard Sally’s Sea Plane and soar through the air high above the sea! Kids and their parents are in store for an adventure with a trip on Sally’s airplane. Take a trip round-and-round on this giant plane as it rotates and rises into the air.  Peanuts 500 is one f the new rides at Kings Dominion coming in 2017

My sons have always loved to ride on the rides that put them behind the wheel and I know the new Peanuts™500 is sure to be a fast hit. Start your engines and hit the track in race cars designed for parents and children to ride together as they move in a circle and whip around the corner on a closed track.

3-5 years get complimentary admission to the park all season long with the new Pre-K Pass for 2017Complimentary Admission for 3-5 yr olds with the 2017 Pre-K Pass

For a limited-time you can get a Kings Dominion Pre-K Pass  for the 2017 season which grants complimentary admission to children ages three to five years for the entire 2017 season. Online registration for the Pre-K Pass is available. Visit kingsdominion.com for further information.

Calling all Pokemon Go Players! Also Coming in 2017 WIFI throughout the park!

Ok so seriously as a blogger, this may be the thing that I am most excited about. Wifi throughout the park is the best news ever! You can catch all the Pokemon you want without eating up your data. Just check out all these Pokestops.

Pokemon Go Pokestops at Kings Dominion

I have been a Kings Dominion mom for the past ten years. For the last two years, I have been a Kings Dominion blogger. I gotta say over the span of a decade Kings Dominion has only gotten better and better. We love the Delirium, the new ride for 2016 and can’t wait to ride all the new rides at Kings Dominion in 2017!


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Mary M. - last year Reply

We’ve been Kings Dominion season pass holders for years. So happy to see they are adding some new kiddie rides. Just in time to bring my grandkids!

Nancy Horn - last year Reply

We are so curious about Kings Dominion, we passed by on our way down to Williamsburg in July.

crystal b - last year Reply

I can not wait to see the new rides . I will have to take the kids too

Angie - last year Reply

I love that there seems to be so much new stuff for little kids to do there! Selfishly I prefer it because I’m terrified of the bigger rides myself!

Dee - last year Reply

Wow so cool! Can’t wait to visit.

Alina - last year Reply

Ha. I’m going to have to keep this a secret from the kids if not they’ll drive me nuts until next year!

Stafford - last year Reply

Love the free admission with the Pre_K pass. SOLD!

Joy Allen - last year Reply

I think the Kite Eating Tree would be fun.

Natalie Gray - last year Reply

Seems like a great place to take your children to.

Marilyn - last year Reply

Thanks for the information.

laurie damrose - last year Reply

Those look like so much fun!

TracyMomofTwo - last year Reply

Love the airplane ride. Makes me wish my boys weren’t teenagers.

Lindsay Giedosh - last year Reply

What a great place for kids to be kids…and for adults to be kids too!

Danny Rubio - last year Reply

I really miss the days when my daughter and I would go to Magic mountain or Knotts Berry Farm and spand the day riding the kiddie rides, seeing her smile, watching her laugh, running to the next ride… again again again… I miss those days. Now she just wants to go with her friends….

Tina Alexander - last year Reply

My family love King’s Dominion! We have a two hour drive to get to the one nearest us so we can go anytime of the year!

Kimberly Hillman - last year Reply

Will need to pass this information on to my family members with small children! Thank you

Sam L - last year Reply

Wow! Thank all looks like so much fun! 🙂

Gabrielly - last year Reply

Looks so fun. I really want to go.

Gabrielly - last year Reply

Looks so much fun.

Nancy Burgess - last year Reply

These are all great vacation spots.The kids would love them.

Monkey - last year Reply

Good to find an expert who knows what he’s taklnig about!

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