Experience Delirium at Kings Dominion!

Kings Dominion Spring Bloom Festival of events is for the whole family, thrill seekers included.
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Are you as excited as we are about amusement park season here in Virginia! Our favorite park, Kings Dominion, opens this Friday, March 25th!  Still making plans for Spring Break or enjoying a staycation next week? You can have some serious Spring Break fun at Kings Dominion. The park will be open 10 straight days through Spring Break and then open on weekends through Memorial Day. After Memorial Day, the park is open daily. Check out the park calendar for daily hours of operation. Trust me you will want to be one of the first to experience, Delirium, Kings Dominion’s newest thrill ride.

Experience Delirium, Kings Dominion's newest ride, open Spring 2016. I am impressed with all the beautiful changes at Kings Dominion. The park is really becoming a beautiful place.

 New Ride for 2016! Delirium!

 We had an amazing opportunity to be one of the first to ride Kings Dominions newest ride, Delirium! Wow! I LOVE this ride! It is pure fun! My son loved it so much that he rode it ten times in a row! Check it out for your self. I made a video of my ride to share with you.

 Delirium Stats:

Maximum Swing Height: 115ft

Maximum Swing Angle: 120º

Ride Capacity: 40 Riders Per Cycle

Capacity: Approx 600 riders per hour

Height Requirement: Must be at least 54″ to ride

My son loved riding Delirium so much he rode it ten times

Spring Bloom Festival

The 3rd Annual Spring Bloom Festival starts April 16th and runs through May 15th,  a whole month of beautiful flowers and special events.

 Kings Dominion Spring Bloom Festival of events is for the whole family, thrill seekers included.


We are heading to the park during Spring Break week as part of our staycation. We love going to the park in Spring and in the Fall because the weather is simply gorgeous in VA during those seasons. In the summer, we hit the waterpark. But this trip will be all about the rides and activities. Of course, we are going to take advantage of all the beautiful spring blooms for some wonderful photo opportunities. If you want to experience all 3 seasons at the park, 2016 Season Passes are on sale now.

Delirium flying high in 2016 at Kings Dominion

Special Kings Dominion Events We Have Attended:

Kings Dominion Homeschool Days

Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt

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Heidi Salisbury - 5 years ago Reply

Looks like a fun place to visit.

Sandra Watts - 5 years ago Reply

I used to work at the 7-11 that was across the road from there and lived in the nearby town of Sparta when I was younger. Never went there though.

Maria C - 5 years ago Reply

Looks Fun! We never been here.

lisa - 5 years ago Reply

That roller coaster photo made my stomach drop. I can’t believe I went on those when I was a teenager.We live about an hour and a half away, but have never been to Kings Dominion. I’ve never enjoyed amusement parks too much, except for when I was a kid, of course. I’m too old now and the heat and crowds get to me.

Kerri Stewart - 5 years ago Reply

I’ve only been to Kings Dominion in the summer. It sounds like a great idea for a stay-cation!

Maria D. - 5 years ago Reply

I have not been to an amusement park in years but this looks like a fun one! Cool upcoming events too.

Jaime Stroud - 5 years ago Reply

Sounds like a fun festival!!

william gossage - 5 years ago Reply

I would love to go there it looks like it be a lot of fun

Pam V H - 5 years ago Reply

Thanks for bringing back memories. I visited Kings Dominion only once, in the seventies, not long after they opened. We loved riding the Loch Ness Monster coaster.

Emily Endrizzi - 5 years ago Reply

I don’t think I have ever been to Kings Dominion. We drive past it every year on our way to North or South Carolina for summer vacation and always think “hey we should go there sometime.” Lol. We live about 20 minutes from Hershey Park though, so that is our go-to amusement park destination.

Lisa Lear - 5 years ago Reply

Kings Dominion is great for family during spring/summer!

Christina Strapp Lambert - 5 years ago Reply

Looks like a lot of fun!

Sherryl - 4 years ago Reply

Wild and crazy ride!

Travel Star - 4 years ago Reply

Wow this new ride at Kings Dominion looks awesome!

Angie - 4 years ago Reply

Oh this looks so scary!!! I am going to go with nope for me!

Dee - 4 years ago Reply

That looks fun!

Crystal B - 4 years ago Reply

I love rides like this! The faster, higher the better!

Sherryl - 3 years ago Reply

We are headed to Richmond in August. I think this should be on the kids list of places to visit.

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