Kings Dominion Dinosaurs Alive and Halloween Fun!

Kings Dominion

Dinosaurs Alive at Kings Dominion

We had a blast yesterday at Kings Dominion! The weather was perfect, the park was not crowded, and the Halloween decorations were awesome! With two young boys we just had to walk through the Dinosaurs Alive Exhibit. Tickets are really inexpensive making this a nice extra activity while you are at the park. We had been through Dinosaurs Alive before but this time we were so thrilled to see that many of the dinosaurs were dressed in Halloween costumes. My boys just loved seeing the giant dinosaurs dressed as clowns, witches, ninjas, and even a cow. The costumes were clever and well done. On Saturdays and Sundays through Nov 2nd your little ghosts and goblins can trick or treat their way through the Dinosaurs Alive attraction. Be sure to check out all the other Halloween activities for children here. Activities include a petting zoo, corn maze, and our personal favorite a foam pit.

Planet Snoopy

It has been at least a year maybe two years since we had been to Kings Dominion and I have to say I was very impressed with all the new rides they have added to the children’s section Planet Snoopy aka Planet Spooky during the Halloween season. It was great before but now it is really awesome! It is always hard for us since our boys are 4 and 9 to keep them both happy at an amusement park but Kings Dominion has solved that problem for us with all the family friendly rides and attractions. There are over 20 rides in the Planet Snoopy section of the park. ¬† Some of our favorite rides in Planet Snoopy are Lucy’s Tugboat, Snoopy’s Junction, and the Linus Launcher. Our absolute favorite rides were the two junior roller coasters, The Great Pumpkin Coaster and the Woodstock Express. These two coasters are super fun and a terrific way to build confidence and excitement in young riders as they gather the courage to ride some of the bigger coasters. After riding the Wooodstock Express my nine year old was ready to try some bigger rides.

Kings Dominion

Family Fun at Kings Dominion

So onto bigger rides we went! If you are looking for a good transition from kiddie roller coasters to the big guys then look no further. The Avalanche at Kings Dominion is perfect. It is such a smooth ride and so much fun that your children will be ready to ride some bigger coasters in no time. Little ones as short as 40 inches can ride with a parent which really made my four year old feel like a big kid. This ride is like riding a bobsled, fast and fun without the ice. This ride continues to be a family favorite. You gotta make sure you don’t miss it though as it is tucked away towards the back of the park so add it to your must do list before heading to the park. Check out the park map here.¬†Outside of Planet Snoopy, our top 5 favorite family rides are the Avalanche, the Bad Apple, The Flying Eagles, the Scrambler, and the Shenendoah Lumber Company.

Kings Dominion

Halloween Haunt

I would be remiss if I did not talk about the roller coasters. I have ridden every coaster in the park and have to say that my favorite is the Anaconda. I am hoping that the next time we go to the park that my 9 yr old son will be brave enough to ride it with me. I am very proud to say that yesterday he did ride some pretty big roller coasters from a 9 yr old perspective. After building his confidence on the Woodstock Express and Avalanche, he decided to tackle the Rebel Yell and then proceeded to ride on every wooden coaster in the park including the Grizzly and the Hurler.

Kings Dominion

The last thing I would like to share with you is the seriously scary side of Kings Dominion during the Halloween season. Perfect for a date night or a mom’s night out, after dark the park is not for the feint of heart. Prepare to be scared! With live performances, seven scare zones, and 9 horrifying mazes you are guaranteed a night of frightful fun! This is also your chance to be a kid again and ride all the roller coasters! Get ready to scream!

Disclosure: Our tickets to Kings Dominion were provided courtesy of Kings Dominion Youth Program but all opinions are my own.