Cruising on Route 66

On our way to Sedona, Arizona we stopped in Williams to take the Grand Canyon Railway’s train to the Grand Canyon. Since, we live in Los Angeles it is an easy one day drive. We took I-40 to get there and drove near Route 66. I had remembered the train from my childhood when my parents took my sister and I.

Route 66
As we drove along I-40 there wasn’t a lot to see. The miles added up and we drove through areas that reminded us of Radiator Springs from Cars. And like so many of the people in the Cars movie do we drove right by all the little towns. Never stopping to see what was on the old historic Route 66.

We arrived in Williams, Arizona, the last town I-40 bypassed in October of 1984, and after checking in to our hotel decided to go to town for dinner and check out the Historic Route 66. The neon signs still light up the night sky on that historic road. There was a diner, a small mom and pop restaurant and other stores lined the street. Historical markers let you know where you were (Route 66). It was like going back in time. A small little oasis in the middle of the desert. It made me reminisce about what the little town looked like in it heyday.

Route 66
The next day we got up early and headed to Grand Canyon Railroad Station in downtown Williams. We could not wait for the train’s departure and after shoot out and we heard the all aboard. We made our way to our train car and settled in.

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