Avoid jet lag and stay well during holiday travel

With the holiday travel season gearing up, families can be concerned with staying well while traveling. The news channels report a variety of concerns about specific illnesses. While some specific concerns may be heightened unnecessarily, some health concerns are realistic. Staying well during holiday travel is a priority for families. Here are a few thoughts that could help your family while traveling.

Stay well while traveling
Stay well while traveling

While not an illness, jet lag can cause problems during family travels. The tired, lethargic feeling can lead into a general unwell feeling. Fighting jet lag isn’t that difficult.

According to experts, moisture loss is the number one cause of jet lag. Did you know the following fact? In the US, the average relative humidity in the morning is around 78%, which humidity on a commercial aircraft falls between 10-15%. To put this concept in perspective, the average humidity of the Sahara desert is 25%, which is 10% more than it is on a plane. The environment on an airplane can worse symptoms of jet lag.

Knowing these facts, travelers can adapt to the situation in several ways. First, travelers are encouraged to stay hydrated while traveling. Drinking plenty of water or water soluble foods can keep a person’s system in optimum levels. Even with increased hydration, travelers can lose moisture. Every time a person breathes, she loses moisture on an exhale. Low humidity levels in a person can dry nasal passages, which can affect the immune system and put a person at greater susceptibility for infection.

While parents may not want to use a personal mask while traveling, these devices can help combat pollution and viruses. If you are traveling on a plane, consider increasing the airflow around yourself. A strong, steady stream of air between yourself and other passengers can carry airborne particles away from you.

A simple option to decrease the spread of germs is to wipe all surfaces with an antibacterial wipe. From seats to trays, every surface can carry germs. Reducing the germs on surfaces can decrease the spread to yourself. If your family is traveling this holiday season, a plan to combat jet lag and stay well during the time away from home can be key to a successful trip. Whether you increase your vitamin intake or take other precautions, the important factor is to understand the environment and the impact it has on your health.

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