Visiting water parks in VA – Massanutten Water Park

We have been to several water parks in VA over the years and I think we have finally found our favorite. We were invited to visit the Massanutten Indoor/Outdoor Water Park in Virginia during our Spring Break staycation. This water park is the best overall water park for families with children of all ages. Here’s why:

Massanutten Waterpark is a greta place for families to have fun together

Why Massanutten may be the Best of the Water Parks in VA

1. The Pipeline Flowrider – Who doesn’t want to experience the thrill of surfing? We have been to other water parks before and the kids have always been too intimidated to give the flowrider a try. But for some reason the Pipeline Flowrider did not seem quite as intimidating. That is mostly because the staff is so amazing!

The Pipeline FlowRider at Massanutten waterparks in VA

2. The staff rocks! I was really impressed with the staff, especially the lifeguards running the flowrider. They gave clear easy follow instructions which really took the fear our of the ride. It also led to some first timers and younger kids being able to pull off some really neat tricks during their ride. After seeing the first staff member’s energy and enthusiasm as she was instructing the riders I was disappointed when the staff switched before it was our turn. I am a cynic and thought she must be the fluke employee who is always employee of the month. But much to my happy surprise ALL of the staff member were just as helpful and enthusiastic. Their instruction and energy really made this a special experience for our family. Even our 4 yr old had a blast on the flowrider.

3. The perfect size…Massanutten WaterPark is the perfect size. It is smaller than several other water parks in VA but in my opinion this is a great feature! We had a 9 year old and 10 year olds with us at the waterpark and we were able to comfortably let them go ride the water slides while we supervised the younger kids in our group. They were able to check in with us frequently and we could easily find them. This also means that everything is closer making frequent trips to the bathroom with the younger kids much easier.

4. Large designated eating area At most water parks in VA you are not allowed to take food or drinks into the water play area, so you need to eat in the cafeteria area. The problem with this situation is that it is a catch 22, you have to eat in this area but you can’t because there are not enough places to sit. It was really nice to be able to get our food and then go sit down at a table and eat it.

5. The arcade So in my family the earning quarters to spend in the arcade as a reward for doing extra chores is a huge motivator so I love it when we know we are going somewhere that has an arcade. Yeah, yeah so what is so great about an arcade other than my ingenious plan to get my children to do a little extra house work? Well, let me tell you why the arcade at Massanutten is particularly great. Inevitably someone is going to get tired of being at the water park while everyone else wants to keep riding the slides so you can use it entertain those who are done sliding. You can also visit the arcade in the event that an area of the water park has to be temporarily closed for any of a variety of reasons.

Massanutten Water Park

Some tips for enjoying Massanutten Water Park:

  • Pack your own towels, towels are NOT provided for you!
  • Get there as early as you can so you can find a set of chairs together to use for the day
  • Rent a locker. The lockers are very close by so you can easily access you money, wallet, or other valuables if you need them while knowing they are safe.
  • Don’t forget your goggles!
  • Pack your change of clothes in a ziplock bag. This keeps you clothes dry and also gives you a bag to carry your wet suit home in.

Tips for visiting Water Parks in VA


Water Park Packing List