Waterpark Packing List and Tips

Waterpark packing list

What is a vacation without a packing list?

We have 5 boys and are always looking for fun things to do with our boys. One thing that we have always enjoyed doing together as a family is going to the waterpark, both indoor and outdoor. Last year we had the chance to attend 3 Ohio waterparks that were all indoor. We learned a lot about what we needed and didn’t need when we were away and thought we would compile a list for those considering going to a waterpark this summer.

Waterpark Packing List:

1.) Bathing suits (it is nice to have more than one because they don’t dry fast, however if you don’t mind putting a wet suit back on then one is fine.)
2.) Flip Flops or sandals that are easy to kick off so you don’t have to walk through the facility with your wet bare feet.
3.) A wetbag. This is one thing that I was SO glad I brought. You check out of your room fairly early, however you are able to continue to swim. Having a wetbag to throw your wet suits in is a must! If you don’t own an actual wetbag (I had one from when we were using cloth diapers) you can purchase anything that is waterproof. We once used a Thirty-One insulated bag at the pool and it worked great.
4.) Clothing (of course you won’t wear these much, but you will need clothing for in between swimming and for your trip home. This is a no brainer, but I felt like I should add it.) It’s always nice to bring the little ones extra clothes just in case.
Keep reading for more packing list tips.
5.) Hairbrush and other bathroom products that you might need. While they do supply a couple of things (soap, hairdryer, lotion) I always feel the need to bring my own, especially since we have such a large family.
6.) Money! Be sure to bring cash if you plan to enter the arcades  because that is the one area that takes cash only (there are typically ATM’s conveniently located inside the arcade in case you might need t.hem.) The arcade is a bit pricey as is the dining.
7.) Earplugs if needed.
8.) Food and Drinks. This is optional, however we always bring snacks and drinks for in our room. This saves us a lot of extra money as things can get pricey at these places and it gives us a little time to sit back and relax in our room for a bit.

Once you have your packing list ready be sure to check out our waterpark post for more info about visiting a waterpark.


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