Truck Stops – Everything you need in one place

truck stops
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Truck Stops – Everything you need in one place



When traveling, truck stops are great pit stops!  

You can get your fuel, a meal, snacks, bathroom break, and more all in one stop.

My husband and I were over the road truckers for awhile (he still is) and we have been to quite a few of the truck stops around the country.  In fact, in most of the truck stops you can pick up a truck stop guide, a small little book for about $5 that will tell you what exits the truck stops are on, their size, and if they have food.

Here are some of the benefits of truck stops:

  • Fuel – Truck stops have both gas and diesel and most all of the pumps have the windshield washers so you can clean the bugs and debris off your windshield.
  • Bathrooms – More than 90% of the bathrooms are inside and most are pretty clean.
  • Shower – Okay, so you probably will be taking your daily shower(s) at a hotel, but if you have a little one that gets sick or spilled their lunch all over themselves, this is a nice one to know. Showers run $10 but you get a full size bathroom and towels included. They’re very nice.
  • Meals – There are so many different restaurant choices. Some have fast food places while others have sit down restaraunts and buffets.
  • Snacks and More – They all have little stores (cross between gas station and convenient store) where you can buy food and drinks and even aspirin. You will pay a little more due to the convenience, but it’s nice that it’s all in one place.
  • Laundry – Quite a few of the truck stops have a little laundry room where you can clean your clothes if you have to.

I love that you can find all these benefits in one place rather than making 3 stops to go to the bathroom, eat, and pick out some snacks and drinks.  If you’re unsure of the area you are driving through stick with the chain truck stops like Loves, Pilot, Petro, TA, and Flying J’s.  If you’re a little adventurous try the mom and pop ones. I’ve eaten some really good food in some of them.

Do you have a favorite truck stop or truck stop experience? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

Happy traveling!

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Crystal Martin - 6 years ago Reply

We stop at the nicer truck stops, like Love’s, too. They have everything you need for a pit stop!

Celebrate Woman - 6 years ago Reply

I’ve done a lot of traveling by car. And yes, when there’s nothing around when you’re driving, a truck stop is a desirable place to be! Some have so much uniqueness about them! Quite characters are some of them. And people watching is one of the most awesome attractions ever!

Crystal @ ColorMeCrystal - 6 years ago Reply

We rarely take very long trips. However, even just an hour or two on the road can be a lot when packed in the car with kids and animals. So, we love truck stops. They have EVERYTHING!! Not just fuel and snacks but showers, laundry and fun stuff too.

Jenni E. - 6 years ago Reply

My brother in law is a truck driver and he stops at the nicer ones too. He has his favorites and fills up on fuel, food, takes showers and such. All the ones that I’ve been to have been nice too. This is a great post and puts alot of people’s mind at ease. I think there is a big misconception about truck stops. They’re not what they used to be, thank goodness!

Colleen Fowler - 6 years ago Reply

I’ve always heard such bad things happen at truck stops! I am glad to have a write up from someone who really knows about truck stops. I won’t be so nervous stopping at one now.

Dawn - 6 years ago Reply

Thanks for the great tips. It helps a lot when you’re traveling across country!

Traveling with Tweens #TravelTips | Family Travel - - 6 years ago Reply

[…] attitude.  Let them have a say in everything from where you are going, your lodging, making stops (truck stops are fun!), and of course the packing.  Give them a few options, make lists, and have at […]

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