My Top 5 2014 KIA Sorento Features

Disclosure: I recently got to test drive the 2014 KIA Sorento for 1 week for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

2014 KIA Sorento

I am obsessed with the 2014 KIA Sorento. I love it and wish I could go out and buy it today. While we can’t buy one right now, I’ve got my eye on it for our next vehicle. We have a big family. There’s 6 of us and with the kids getting bigger, we need all the space we can get. The 2014 KIA Sorento seats 7 and has the option to fold down the seats if you don’t need seating but cargo room instead.

When all 6 of us go on a trip, we usually sit 2 in front, 3 in the middle, 1 in back and then fold down the split seating in the back so we have room for any luggage, etc. It works great.

I decided to pick my top 5 favorite features in the 2014 KIA Sorento. I can’t decide how to rank them so these are in no particular order. They are all of my favorites.

My Top 5 2014 KIA Sorento Features

2014 KIA Sorento1. Panoramic Sunroof with Powered Sunshade

My kids also love this feature. The sunroof extends further than a normal sunroof. This one goes from front to back so that all passengers can enjoy. The front half also opens so that you can enjoy the fresh air. Granted the weather did not cooperate for us on this trip so we didn’t get to enjoy the sunshade. We did open up the sunroof though.



2014 KIA Sorento2. Rear Camera Display

I love love love this feature! I could not believe how easy it made parallel parking and backing up is a breeze. I don’t have to worry about running into the many toys that could be in my driveway. Or, heaven forbid, there’s anyone ever walking on my sidewalk that I don’t see. The backup camera will alert me.



2014 KIA Sorento3. Blind Spot Detection

Yep, I love love love this one too. 😉 The blind spot detection is awesome. I love that it alerts me with the visual when there’s a car in my blind spot. It also sounds off if I turn on my blinker and someone is in that blind spot. It gives me that extra little peace of mind when driving in this busy crazy traffic.



2014 KIA Sorento4. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Hands-Free Connectivity

I really enjoyed this one. I synced my cell phone with the vehicle and then could call out and answer calls hands free. It was great. Not only does it work with my cell but it also works for navigation, changing the radio volume and channel, etc. It’s such a great, convenient feature.

Speaking of convenience, I also love the push button start. I usually kept the key fob right in my purse so all I needed to do was get in the car and press the start button. It’s awesome!


2014 KIA Sorento5. Plenty of Seating and Cargo Room

When we need the seating, the 2014 KIA Sorento has 7 seats for us. When we don’t, we can fold the 3rd row down and have plenty of cargo room. This is a big deal for our family. There’s also plenty of leg room for our growing children. When on a trip, I want everyone to be comfortable.




There are so many 2014 KIA Sorento features that I love. These are just 5 of them. I have give a little shout out to the seat warmers. My kids got the biggest kick out of them. You can warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Have you driven a 2014 KIA Sorento? What are some of your favorite features?

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