Thanksgiving Travel Tips: Surviving The Holiday


Planning your Thanksgiving travel can be difficult because it is one of the busiest times out of the year to travel. To help you with your travel plans we have put together a list of four Thanksgiving travel tips to make your trip go smoother. You will be thankful that you read this!

Thanksgiving Travel Tips


Thanksgiving Travel Tips

With a little bit of planning you can alleviate the stress of your Thanksgiving travel arrangements. A couple years ago we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving and did not have any difficulties with traveling because we planned our trip accordingly.

Avoid Certain Travel Days

Everyone knows that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day because everyone is trying to make it to their destination for the holiday. Try to travel starting on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and avoid your trip back over the weekend if possible. Everyone plans to go home by Sunday, so if you can wait until Monday your travels will be much easier. You could even plan to leave by Friday since most people will be focused on their shopping.

Plan Ahead

Schedule your plans in advance. Prices slowly increase as the date gets closer to the holiday. You also want to know exactly where you are going especially if you are driving. Map out your route and know your directions. One wrong turn could cause not only a headache but a delay in plans. You do not want to be stuck in traffic or go hours out of your way.

If Flying, Pack Light

Avoiding baggage claim during your Thanksgiving travel will not only save you time but in most cases money. You will need to pay attention to the items in your carry-on bag with all the new rules and regulations.

Expect Delays

You must be prepared for delays. Even if you plan ahead and travel on the best days sometimes the unexpected happens. Pack items that will help you pass time in the case of a delay or cancellation.

Please remember that everyone else is also trying to get home to their friends and family as well. Do you have any Thanksgiving travel tips, please share in the comments below.