Tips and Tricks for Clean Eating on the Go

Clean Eating on the Go

Vacation Maybe Clean Eating on the Go

Clean eating isn’t always easy.  Clean eating on the go can be fairly difficult.  Since the basics of clean eating are meats with no hormones or chemicals and lots of fresh veggies and fruits (raw when possible) with some dairy and grain options that are unprocessed.  Simply put, the fewer the ingredients – the better.  So how do you accomplish clean eating on the go?  Here are a few tips.

Preparation is Key for Clean Eating on the Go

The best thing you can do for clean eating on the go, is have an insulated lunch tote or small cooler for traveling with your meals or clean eating snack ideas.  Ice packs are handy to have around too.  In a pinch you can throw some ice, from your freezer, into sandwich bags.

keep cool while clean eating on the go

I also make my own ice packs with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, poured into sandwich bags and frozen.  They never freeze solid so they’re great for grab and go meals or when needed, for injuries.  Check the clearance aisles at your favorite store.  We find them there super cheap sometimes.

After making sure you have a cool way to transport your clean meals, you want to have something easy to store them in.  I love reusable plastic containers for this.  You can find them at the dollar stores, grocery store and big box stores.  They stack neatly, wash easy and you can easily see what’s inside.  You can prep a week’s worth of meals and snacks in a day and then grab what you need, when you need it.  Not only is this super convenient for clean eating on the go, it’s also a great way to stay on track with any lifestyle change or eating plan.

food storage for clean eating on the go

Now that you have a cooler or insulated bag, some ice packs and a few plastic containers, you’re almost set for clean eating on the go.  All you need now are some ideas for foods that you can eat on the go and not stray from your clean eating lifestyle.

Clean Eating on the Go – Snack Ideas

The quickest clean eating on the go snack ideas are fresh raw fruits and veggies.  Organic is preferred for clean eating.

clean eating on the go snack ideas

  • Carrots – grab a bag of baby carrots from the store instead of hitting the drive through.  Even on short notice, this is possible!  If you have time to prep, you can save a ton of money and make your own carrot sticks.  Pair these with some hummus or greek yogurt based dip and you’re set with a great snack.
  • Apple slices – you can find these pre-made in the store or you can make your own.  Mix and match apple types for flavor variety.  Pair them with some natural peanut butter (or non-peanut based butter) for a super yummy treat.
  • Broccoli and cauliflower – these are great together or separate.  Raw is best.  Make a simple dip with some greek yogurt and herbs if you need it.
  • Grapes – These sweet jewels are great chilled and even better frozen.  You can add them to your apples and/or carrots for a little variety or to make great use of leftover veggies.

If you need a little more variety you can whip up some energy balls, whole wheat chicken quesadillas, paleo banana nut muffins or other clean eating on the go favorites…these can really be anything that you can make into a bite-sized treat.  If you’re interested in the recipes for these tasty treats visit my clean eating snack ideas post.

Here’s to healthy travels while clean eating on the go!

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