The Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge

My family and I head to the Smoky Mountains as often as we possibly can. While my husband and I love going for the sheer beauty, going that many times to the same place can get pretty boring for the kids. So each time we go, we plan to do at least one new activity or attraction while we’re there. On our last trip, 4th of July weekend, we visit the Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge.

The Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge Tennessee

The Island Ropes Course at The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a ropes climbing attraction for all ages and includes a zip line (closed the day we were there) and a simulated free fall (Quick Jump). Our three daughters and my husband, Clay, all took a turn on the ropes course. Our 8 year old was a little skeptical after getting on the ropes because they did sway a little. She climbed a little and then decided to come back down the stairs. Our 11 and 6 year old daughters stayed in for the long haul.

The Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Some of the steps were pretty far apart so our 6 year old had to be carried across the steps on that particular part of the ropes. This is because she chose to go on the bigger course and not the Sky Tykes course. She is not the least bit scared of heights and she wanted in on all the fun that her older sister and dad were having. The Sky Tykes course is for anyone less than 48”  tall who wants to climb the ropes, but needs just a little bit closer to the ground. This course has nine different elements and parents can walk on the ground beside their child.

If you or your child want to go on a taller, more difficult ropes course there is a three-story Sky Trail Explorer course. Anyone over 42” tall can climb this one, but if you are under 48” tall, you will need a taller chaperone to go with you.

For safety on both courses you are always in a harness and attached to a sling line and carabiners and there are certified employees throughout the course. So if you need any help, there is always someone right there.

The Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Once at the top you can either climb back down the stairs or do the simulated free fall also known as the Quick Jump. Clay and the girls all three did this one. Our 6 year old almost didn’t wait for the instructor to say go! She was raring to go and walked right off the edge without any hesitation, “free falling” to the ground with a giant smile all the way down. The course attendants said she was a pro!

After you jump, they clear the way and send the rope back up to get ready for the next person. There is a gate at the top and the attendant will not let you pass until you are secured and they have clearance form the attendant at the bottom. I really like how cautious they were with the climbers.

The Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge Tennessee

It is a bit pricey if there are several in your group that want to go. It is $15 for the Sky Trail Explorer course and $5 for the Sky Tykes Ropes Course. As I mentioned, above, the zip line feature was not working the day we were there but we were still charged full price since everything else was working. We were pretty disappointed in that. So, just a little something to know before you go.

If you’re looking for a little adventure while you’re in Pigeon Forge, we recommend the Island Ropes Course Pigeon Forge!

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