Sedona – Hiking and Biking Spots





Sedona is a place not like many others. Everywhere you looked there was a different mountain, valley or something to amaze you. I think this place would be the perfect vacation for anyone. If you are active there are hundreds of trails for hiking and mountain biking. If you are not active there are plenty of different trails that can be ridden in a jeep off-road and all over the city.

Here are a few things I recommend for you to do in Sedona. All free.

First, it is worth taking the drive to the ranger station South of Sedona to ensure you have the right pass and know what hikes you can do if you do not have the required National Park pass. There is a hike as you head back to Sedona where you can mountain bike or hike around a number of different landmarks. Stop at Courthouse Vista parking area out to see Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Another great stop is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The Chapel’s construction was completed in 1956. It is considered one of the 7 wonders of Arizona. Another great hiking and mountain biking spot is Soldier’s Pass.

My favorite hike was Broken Arrow to Chicken Point. It is a mile long hike. It was pretty moderate trail until you get about three quarters of a mile in. Then it got a little harder, but still what I would consider an easy hike. When we reached the view from Chicken Point it was breathtaking. It was probably the highlight of the trip for me. If you are not up for hiking there are jeeps that can take you to Chicken Point, but they are not free and you can’t stop and take in the view.

On your way to Sedona, don’t forget about taking a cruise on Route 66.