Amazing Restaurants in Lawrence KS

Kansas is such a great state for us. Our trip was filled with fun family experience and of course, good food. One of the cities we visited is Lawrence, Kansas, where we ate the flavorful and unforgettable dishes. Check out the Amazing Restaurants in Lawrence KS that we’ve visited.

Lawrence, Kansas surprised me with amazing food that I will never forget. See the amazing restaurants in Lawrence, KS that we ate at.
Lawrence, Kansas surprised me with amazing food that I will never forget including a farm to table restaurant.

Fields & Ivy Brewery

A farm-to-table brewery which features a 5,000 square-foot production brewery. Their 3,750 square-foot taproom and restaurant serves delicious food and beer. They also have an outdoor green space for hosting yard games, live music, and other events.

This was by far our favorite place to dine in Lawrence. If you have kids or you are a kid at heart, this is the place for you. The food is top notch bellowing over with flavors. We dined on everything from their corn dip to their pizza. The chicken sandwich was also top notch as was their bountiful salad.

The corn dip contained ancho peppers, chipotle white cheddar cheese, roasted corn and the crispiest blue corn chips with salsa verde on the side for an additional layer of flavor.

The pizza we ate were topped with figs, and it had the red sauce that takes 12 hours to saturate with flavor. There were piles of applewood bacon doused with scallions and cream cheese dollops all covered in a mozzarella-provolone cheese mixture with a tad of oregano sprinkled on top.

The Baby Kale Salad was mouth-watering. No, I have never called a salad mouth watering before. I think it was the combination of the pretzel crostinis and the figs. The salad consists of Tillamook cheddar, tart apples, figs sun-dried cranberry layered with pretzel crostini for that needed crunch finished off with a sour apple vinaigrette.

The chicken sandwich that created a bidding war. The two boys were trying to bribe each other for the last bite. I understand why. Southwest Chicken Sandwich featured roasted garlic chicken, crispy applewood bacon, tasty salsa verde, a ripe avocado and a crispy layer of butterhead lettuce.

We also had their spiced rub chicken wings. I will say having to wipe the rub off your face often was a simple price to pay for these flavorful chicken wings. The dipping sauce was also excellent. Kickin’ Cowboy Wings had a campfire espresso dry rub that I want to try to replicate and on the side were blistered peppers and creamy buttermilk dip.

The overall experience was fantastic, the prices were reasonable and the food was fresh. The brewery offers a large game area. Our family enjoyed everything from Jenga, corn hole, to four squares. It was really nice that the kids and my oldest kid my husband didn’t have to sit at the table until the food came. They spent that time bonding and enjoying one another.

Fields & Ivy is located at 706 E 23rd St in Lawrence, Kansas.

Johnny’s West

What better place to watch the NBA draft or any sport for that matter than Johnny’s West Tavern? This dining experience offers robust wings, pizza, and delightful hamburgers.

The youngest ordered boneless wings with a buffalo sauce. We were sure he wouldn’t actually eat that, but he proved us wrong. He ate every bite. The wings were finger-licking good.

We ate the ROYAL BLUE BURGER smothered in the famous which it should be Wilson sauce donned with bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, crispy onions, garlic aioli, and tomato.

The oldest had a smoked bacon and melted cheddar served on a toasted pretzel bun. Served with plenty of fries. The food was so plentiful that my husband just ate what was left. The Johnny West franchise is a stable in Kansas as it should be with food that delicious it should be on every corner. Who doesn’t need a great burger?

We were pleased to see their sign in the window that told you if there was a wait or not. The prices were very manageable and the portions were large.

Visit Johnny’s West at 721 Wakarusa (SE Corner) Lawrence, Kansas 66049

Burger Stand at the Casbah

The Burger Stand at the Casbah is located on one of the best streets in the United States. This “joint” is a hot spot for burgers, hot dogs, shakes, salads, and fries. When you arrive, you stand in line and order at the counter. You then find a seat until your name is called. You pick up your mouth-watering burger and then you head to their unique dipping station.

You know I love a good dip. I have never seen a dipping station. The dipping station has small cups or if you know what you like feel free to pump directly on your entree. I couldn’t get enough of the truffle fries and the garlic dip.

I had the Black and Blue burger. It has blue cheese, granny smith apple chutney & assorted seasonal greens.

My husband had The CHICAGO DOG with mustard, onions, pickle relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt & poppy seeds.

The oldest had SMOKE burger which had applewood smoked bacon, gouda cheese & chipotle-cocoa ketchup.

Then my little ones order s’more shakes which I may have drank a lot of. The kids ate cheeseburgers and grilled cheese.

I had to order the truffle fries that I mistakenly put near my husband, who ate most of them. I understand why they were crispy, salty, and covered in parmesan cheese. The prices were reasonable around $15 a person with a burger, fries, and a drink. I advise that you get in line because this is a popular place.

Visit The Burger Stand at the Casbah at 803 Massachusetts Street,
Lawrence, KS 66044 

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