Kansas City Restaurants That You Shouldn’t Miss

During our recent trip to Kansas City, KS, we had a fantastic time not only because of the attractions which you can see in our list of What to Do in Kansas City KS, but also because of the mouthwatering food that this city has to offer. We had a memorable time eating their delicious BBQ and grilled foods that we will surely miss. That’s why when you head over to Kansas, make sure to check out these Kansas City restaurants that you shouldn’t miss.

Kansas City Restaurants
Amazing burgers and barbeque! You can’t go wrong with these Kansas City restaurants.

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque

Created by the legendary King of Ribs, Arthur Bryant, the Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque is the home of the best barbeque in Kansas City. They feature succulent meat that’s slow-smoked with a combination of hickory and oak woods, mellowed to the peak of flavor, then splashed with their very own secret sauce recipe, the Arthur Bryant’s Original or Rich & Spicy Sauce.


I do believe I walked around with BBQ stuck to my face. I know I had to spit on my finger and remove some on my youngest who went headfirst into his wings and they came out the winner. The husband had a full rack and my daughter had the kids rack. I had the combo platter with baked beans on the side for the table. The brisket was sweet and savory. I do admit to licking my fingers when my kids weren’t looking. Yum. Yum. Yum.

The portions were so large that our teenage son acted as the clean up crew and just eat whatever he could as fast as possible. He was in BBQ heaven. Who could blame him? The secret to a good BBQ was found in the meats which were tender, full of flavor, and the sauces elevated the meat. If you closed your eyes you would have landed on a picnic table by the river. It just tasted like it was cooked in nature for hours on end. I can see why Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque has so many loyal fans.

Visit Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque at 1702 Village West Parkway, 
Kansas City, Kansas

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

A Kansas City tradition since 1954, The Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant is where you’ll enjoy delicious meal with fun and delight as you watch your food delivered using their signature Restaurant-wide Railroad.


There are few things I fear more than taking three kids out to eat after a long day. The Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant was the perfect place to dine. The prices were reasonable, the service excellent, and milkshakes and burgers were scrumptious. This is the place I taught my kids how to eat their milk shake using a french fry. I can’t believe in all their years on Earth they have gone without this knowledge.

This isn’t just a meal it is an experience and guests are treated to a show. You come in and you are greeted by the server. They explain you will need to call in your meal using the phone at the booth. Yes, my kids have only seen these types of phones in the movies and had never used them before. Then once you make your call you wait for a train to deliver your meal. Yes, a train. Do not worry the server delivers you drinks but the rest is delivered VIA the overhead electric train. The kids were thrilled. The food was as good as the experience. The milk shakes were thick and the fries had just enough salt. The burgers were juicy and the chicken nuggets were the best my 4th grader had ever had. I invite you to get aboard for a culinary adventure that will keep your kids in their seats without the unpleasantries of hearing, “I am bored.”

Visit Fritz’s at 250 N. 18th St.Kansas City, KS 66102