What to Do in Kansas City

During our recent trip to Kansas City, Kansas we not only enjoyed the food that they have to offer which you should check out in Kansas City Restaurants That You Shouldn’t Miss, but of course we also had a great time with all the attractions and tourist spots in the city. It’s a city filled with amazing places where the family will have a great time bonding and learning at the same time. So What to Do in Kansas City you ask? A lot!

Water parks, shopping outlets, murals and more. There are lots of fun places to visit in Kansas City

Here’s our list of What to Do in Kansas City

Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City

Great Wolf Lodge is a water-park resort that features Northwood-themed suites. The lodge features a massive, 84-degree indoor water park, arcade, mini golf, MagiQuest, spa for adults and kids, a restaurant and so much more.


The Great Wolf Lodge is a family favorite for so many reasons. The first is their rooms fit our family of five, and the entertainment is onsite. You never have to leave the resort to have an incredible vacation.

They have a schedule of activities that are geared toward their younger guests. My oldest was only interested in participating in the wand experience, which was an additional fee but it was totally worth it. He did have plenty to do and didn’t complain once. Winning! The kids all took a tour of the facility while playing a delightful game filled with reading, math, science, and packed with fun. The little wizards kept themselves busy so mom could indulge in trash TV and dad in a nap. It was the vacation we all needed from one another after a ten hour travel day. The younger kids did a couple of crafts and even went to see what the dance party was all about. Shake it baby! They have a camp theme at the moment and offer delightful activities that are thematic.

We love their water slides, water basketball, ropes course, and did take a dip in the hot tub to erase it all. The staff at the Great Wolf Lodge makes sure you are happy and that you all have a howling good time. You can see our review of Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia. We decided we want to get to every Great Wolf Lodge during our summer journeys.

Visit Great Wolf Lodge at 10401 Cabela Drive Kansas City, KS 66111

Legends Outlets Kansas City

An outdoor shopping experience filled with premium outlet stores and unique dining and entertainment options.


What kind of trip would it be without shopping.? Those that know me know that I love a good deal. The Legends Outlets are not only packed with your favorite stores, but the outdoor area is spacious and well appointed with art and history.

The kids completed a scavenger hunt which was a blast. We had fun as a family discovering more about the famous Kansans Legends there are 80. They also have an audio tour that you can participate in.

We were busy running from point a to point b in the pursuit of the next answer. It was a super way to incorporate learning and exercise. I hope that the residents and visitors take advantage of this free opportunity.

I went into my favorite stores and then googled their online prices. The stores were on average 20% cheaper. That made me very happy. I love a good deal, a dress, and a purse.

They had several options for more fun with a movie theater and Dave and Buster’s onsite. You must try Topsy’s popcorn which is bursting with flavor. I say leave room in your schedule and in your suitcase these deals were worth flying in for!

Visit Legends Outlets at 1843 Village West Parkway, Suite C127
Kansas City, KS 66111


A 180,000 –sq-ft. showroom of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear. You have to see their aquarium filled with native Kansas fish. You can test your skills at the shooting range, go on an African Safari, and see the world’s largest collection of trophy mule deer in the Mule Deer Museum.


Who would have thought to take their kids to a sporting goods store would be an experience? They had a blast. I mean if you want more “almost free fun” this is your place. You can even eat there. The children learned about The Trophy Mule Deer, Kansas City native fish, and more.

The kids really enjoyed trying out their shooting skills on the range it was $.50 to play. I gave them each a dollar, and I just watched their enthusiasm as they competed against one another.

It was nice watching my husband teach the kids how to hold the gun and then he talked about gun safety. I know it was only a game, but I was grateful that he was trained in how to handle a gun and shared that with the kids. He talked a little about his personal history in the Navy, which always makes me proud.

We both had a nice time learning new things and having those moments you will remember long after with our kids. We learned a little about the deer that are native to our area while exploring the store. We also saw other animals in the store that were not native to our country. It was incredible to see the scale of the animals. We plan to pop into more of their store for shopping. I noticed a lot of great brands that we always buy at better prices than I currently pay. You can find everything there from a boat to a bow and arrow and now I know you can also find out about different species that are native to your area and to other countries. I love field trips that are based on education!

Visit Cabela’s at 10300 Cabela Drive Kansas City, KS

Wyandotte County Museum

The museum features Native American collections, county history and they even feature a 1905 Kansas City Kansas Steam Pumper Fire Engine.

631 N. 126th StreetBonner Springs, KS 66012

Moon Marble Company

The company have made wooden toys and game boards for many years, but because they had difficulty finding varieties of marbles for their products, they started the Moon Marble Company store. Artisan and owner Bruce Breslow frequently demonstrate his marble making and will also explain the process of glass working, marble history, and other fascinating areas of marble interest.


History can be found in many places. When you step back into time and land on the Moon Marble Company. You find the time honored tradition of creating art through glass making. We watch Bruce, the owner of the Moon Marble Company as he amazes us with his artisan skills. This location features an area set up so you and your family can watch marbles being made. The show features, drama, action, humor, and instruction for the perfect combination of enjoyment and education.


They also offer the marbles to purchase and this fantastic puzzle that Bruce will sign for a fun keepsake.

When you are done learning the history and techniques on how to craft marbles, you can fulfill all your child’s toy fantasies with the unique toy offerings. It was fun to share the toys of my generation with my children. They were also able to pick up some of the current hits to take home at a reasonable price.

Do not drop the ball and drive past because this place is a must stop when you are in Bonner Springs.

Visit Moon Marble Company at 600 East Front Street Bonner Springs, KS 66012

Zip KC


Zip, Zip, Hooray. What do you do when your family has never been zip lining? Well, you take them. This activity was fun for our 9,10,14 year olds. It was also something my husband had never done. When you plan a vacation it should always include something you have never done before. That way you can say, “Do you remember when we were in Kansas City and we went ziplining.”

We were fortunate enough to have Landon and Mike as our guides for an adventure we will not soon forget. The beginners course offered short walks through the Kansas forest. You were transported after being properly fit for gear and instructed on how to use it.

You can see us flying through the air here


The activity took about two hours and will vary depending on the number of people in your group.

There was sunscreen and bug spray on site as well as water. I would still suggest bringing a small backpack with a snack, bug spray, sunscreen, and water. The distance between locations wasn’t that far so sneakers would be an acceptable footwear. You do not need hiking footwear just make sure your toes aren’t showing. Another note is choose the right underwear, the velocity and the safety gear may cause wedgies so make sure your undergarments aren’t on the cusp of that to begin with. I also wish I would have worn capris instead of shorts. The kids seemed fine, but they do not care if anything is hanging out.

We did let it all hang out on the zip line, and we made sure to enjoy every second of our rides. I would suggest that you book a zip or one of their many tours. The process from start to finish was fantastic.

Visit Zip KC at 12829 Loring Rd Bonner Springs, Kansas 66012

Downtown Mural Tour


The Mural tour is best done during the day. The murals are located in close proximity to one another so it made for a nice walk. We even found an authentic Central America/ Mexican restaurant that served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The guide to the murals can be found here. We enjoyed not only finding them but really looking at them to see the detail. The labours works are fraught with details. The emotion, energy, and time periods were realized in each paint stroke. The murals offered us the opportunity to talk to our children about the different groups of people who are part of the history of Kansas.

When you think about trips to us it is important that our family learn about the history of the people, places, and times so that we can really develop an understanding of where we are. The murals are a must do free family activity. If you aren’t able to walk you can easily spot them from your car. I do suggest you make time in your journey because street art is just as much a part of a culture of a location as the art placed in the fancy buildings.

See Downtown Kansas City, KS Avenue of Murals at Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101

Rosedale Memorial Arch


This park offers a quiet place to reflect on the lives that Kansas gave in the service of our nation. The grand structure encased in a metal fence reflects the beauty and dedication come at a price. There are benches to sit at and bleachers to sit with your thoughts. If you wish to reflect or pray this is the perfect place.

The park also offers some scenic views and green space to enjoy. The day is not complete in our home without paying homage to the men and women who defend or defended our nation. We believe that freedom isn’t free and we are thankful that we are free.

I suggest this historical location to foster discussions with your children. You could even research some of the Kansas veterans whose names are embossed on the plaque.

Visit Rosedale Memorial Arch at 35th and Booth Street, Kansas City, KS 66103

Kansas City T-Bones


Take me out to the ball game they say. It is unfortunate but most people can no longer afford to see a baseball game for the major leagues. The local minor leagues offer the opportunity to see talented athletes in a family-friendly environment. The games are action-packed and provide play areas for the children. I know my kids had a great time at the playground set and on the bounce houses.

My husband and I really enjoyed the game and our seats were excellent and it cost less than taking our kids to the movies. We thought that the in between inning events were fun and they tried to involve the crowds which made the event even more fun for our family.

The concession stands were reasonable, and the bathrooms were clean. The T-Bone stadium was filled with families and kids having a great time. If you are in Kansas City, you need to pick up some tickets and enjoy a game. What is more American than a baseball game with your family?