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Rivanna Trail

Rivanna Trail
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Rivanna Trail Review

Rivanna Trail

The weekends in Central Virginia are jam packed with sports and with wonderful places to exercise and spend time with your family. The Rivanna trail is a place that we enjoy.


Rivanna Trail Review

One of my favorite family activities is taking long walks and hikes and being outdoors. There are few things that are as invigorating as being outside in the fresh air and just enjoying nature. If you are looking for a place where you can really connect with nature, you will love Rivanna Trails.

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Located in Charlottesville, Virginia; these trails run in sections through the city and they are amazing! Some of the trails run along the Rivanna River and the parks and fields are beautiful. Kids will love skipping rocks in the water and playing in the playground. You can spend a full day exploring all the trails and walking through the forest areas. There are footbridges to cross, hills to climb, you can even cross the creek by hopping across on the rocks. Just be very careful!


Rivanna Trails is a place that you can go and just get away. Free your mind and enjoy some time away from your everyday routine. Both kids and adults will have a ball being outside and being active together while enjoying the different terrains and experiencing nature face to face. It’s peaceful and calm but exciting and exhilarating all at the same time.


There is a section of Rivanna Trails at the very end, where the trail goes toward the Rivanna River. The variety of things you come across in this area makes it a favorite. This part of the trail is a little longer than a mile and a half. Along the way you will walk through sand, climb rocks and see different kinds of wildlife. There are old mill buildings and an old livestock market. This is another perfect area to stop and take lots of pictures.

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If you are visiting Charlottesville the Rivanna Trails are a must visit. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or a family with kids, this is definitely a place for everyone and anyone who loves nature and being outdoors. If you live in Charlottesville, you should definitely take some time to explore this “hidden gem”.

 Rivanna Trail Review

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Donna L Holder - last year Reply

i would give anything to get to go there

Alyssa - last year Reply

When my sister lived in Charlottesville, she had trails right behind her house. We got to hike a little one time, but I’d love to do it again!

bn100 - last year Reply

fun for families

Dee - last year Reply

It sounds like most of the activities you mention are for families even though you say it’s for everyone. What are your favorite couples only activitires?

Tony - last year Reply

Would love to visit!

Steve Grant - last year Reply

Thanks for the advice. We like to hike as a family and this looks like a shady trail.

Kara Howland - last year Reply

looks like big fun

Calvin - last year Reply

A nice little trail.

Darlene Carbajal - last year Reply

Looks fun!

Shannon D Citrino - last year Reply

Great photos! Looks like an awesome family place

Richard Brandt - last year Reply

Love places where you can find nature trails without leaving town!

Susan LeClair - last year Reply


Audrey - last year Reply

Looks like a lot of fun

Leah Allen - last year Reply

Good exercise and good views.

Michael Coovert - last year Reply

Looks incredible!

Audrey - last year Reply

Fun for kids

shelly peterson - last year Reply

Looks like a great place to visit.

Christina Gould - last year Reply

I’ve never heard of the Rivanna Trail. I’d love to check it out. Thanks for posting!

Maria Thomas - last year Reply

looks like a nice place

Christina Gould - last year Reply

I’ve never been to Charlottesville, VA. I’d love to visit one day. Thanks for posting!

Lori - last year Reply

Looks very nice

April brown - last year Reply

What a beautiful place. Maybe one day I will get to visit.

Sarah L - last year Reply

Looks like a lovely place to visit. Too bad it’s 2,000 miles from me.

belinda bell - last year Reply

I would love to go there

Michele Pineda - last year Reply

very nice, kind of looks like some of the wooded areas and parks here in Maine too. We love going on nature walks and this looks like a pretty place to visit.

Nancy - last year Reply

Love it. Thanks for sharing this destination.

Judith Roode - last year Reply

Looks like a nice place for a vacation.

Paula Pennachio - last year Reply

This looks fun for a vacation

Donna L - last year Reply

This looks like good summer fun. Such a beautiful place!

Judi Roode - last year Reply

I would love to spend some time there!

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