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My Recommendation for the  Best Place to Eat Breakfast in Wichita

Homegrown has several locations the one we dined at was in Wichita. We even had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners Jon Rolph. HomeGrown serves cage-free eggs, free squeeze juice, Yoder sausage and bacon, homemade Pop-Tarts, in-house roasted turkey, reverie espresso and Wichita-roasted coffee all on their made in Wichita tables.

Where do you start when describing your culinary experience at HomeGrown I would say it takes you back. It takes you back to the memories that you had or imagine those memories of being cared about from the inside out. The sun shines through the plantation shuttered porch window with their imperfect chipped paint as you sit waiting for grandma’s coffee cake. She places it in front of you. You allow the smell to tickle your nose. You close your eyes then you pick up the caramel and dripped it on top. Your fork pushes through it, and you draw it into your mouth you don’t immediately bite down because you want to savour each bite.

You may not have had a grandma with a front porch or one that made coffee cake but if you go to HomeGrown you will feel like family. The positive be kind and do for others message is not only written on the wall but it lives in each person that works there. You will have more than a culinary experience, HomeGrown will remind you that kindness counts and you will feel cared for.

I just want everyone to know prior to writing this review we were given a lot of food to sample. I would not order all this food at one time again. I can tell you every dish they brought out I would order again. The menu was packed with options for everyone. I happily tasted food and the only fighting was which one was better we all had our favorites but there wasn’t one item that didn’t meet the high standard HomeGrown has for their food and that I have for what I feed my family.

Without further ado.


They are known for their pop -tarts we have the lemon one willed with a tart lemon curd and a frosting with the zest. It was my husband’s favorite. The original version was a brown sugar and cinnamon flavor combination. The pop-tarts were a hit and we considered taking some home. I imagine a cup of Wichita coffee and one of these would be an exceptionally good morning.

The HomeGrown Coffee Cake was my obvious favorite. It features a Buttermilk Caramel Sauce. It was good we asked if they mailed them. We weren’t kidding. It was just home on a plate.

We had a traditional benedict that featured a shoulder of bacon, poached eggs and fresh hollandaise sauce on a lightly toasted English Muffin with a plentiful side of with potatoes. The eggs were cooked perfectly. Who doesn’t like an egg that runs down a perfectly toasted English Muffin kissed with hollandaise sauce?

Yum! I Love Biscuits & Gravy
HomeGrown original biscuits topped with country gravy, loaded with Yoder Sausage and served with roasted rosemary potatoes & two cage-free eggs.

Avocado Toast
Fresh avocado mash, grape tomatoes, crushed red peppers & drizzle of olive oil, with 2 cage-free eggs• & fresh fruit. If you asked me if I would have ordered this on my own, the answer is no until I ate it now this is all I want to eat. It was marvelous!

Funfetti Pancakes
2 pancakes with fun sprinkled in. Because sprinkles are for winners! You can imagine my kids were over the moon for these moist and filling pancake.

I understand why they call this freshly squeezed carrot, apple, pineapple & fresh ginger juice the sunrise because it is the start of a good day. The flavors are delightful.

Last but not Lattes my husband drank an Almond Latte and he loved being able to have a latte with almond milk because most places do not offer all the options that HomeGrown does.
Flavors: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel
Milks: Soy, Almond. Skim, Whole

HomeGrown is able to meet your dietary needs. If I was to have one breakfast again in Kansas HomeGrown I choose you!

HomeGrown is the hug from inside out.

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Becky - last year Reply

Looks delicious ? I’ve never been to Kansas but I might attempt to make that avacado toast at home.

    Travel - a few months ago Reply

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Nancy - last year Reply

I will definitely consider them if I head that way. Thanks.

Andrea DiMario - last year Reply

These look so amazing !!

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

wow i want to eat everything in this post lol

Theresa Dombrowski - last year Reply

We try to eat there every Sunday. I have celiac disease so having gluten-free options are very appreciated. The gluten-free pancakes are almost better than the regular ones. Oh, and literally the best orange juice ever!

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

Darn, I wish I lived in Kansas, these look great!

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

I’m more of a funfetti gal than a biscuit gal, but all of this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Christy - last year Reply

I often take my niece and her family to HomeGrown on Saturday mornings. We love the Avocado Toast, Coffee Cake and the Biscuits and Gravy.

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

Only the South can do biscuits and gravy correctly, no other region comes close!

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

Coffee art is so insane, every time I try it it’s a mess. Great find!

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

Hollandaise sauce makes every savory dish better, I can see why you love HomeGrown so much! 🙂

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

My daughters tried biscuits and gravy for the first time in Army Camp, a shame they didn’t sample it from the Homegrown Coffee cafe!

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

Those pancakes look 1000x better than IHOP pancakes, that’s for sure!

Tracy Blakeman - last year Reply

I just watched a video on YouTube of someone trying to make gourmet pop tarts! It’s so much easier to go to this cafe!

Kim Pincombe-Cole - last year Reply

Wow! I love the whole idea of ‘Home Grown’!!

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

Never thought about having biscuits for breakfast, must be a southern thing

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

Avocado toast is my favorite

Terri S. - last year Reply

The HomeGrown Coffee Cake looks yummy and had my mouth watering. ?

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

im hungry again, pop tarts it is

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

love the little heart in the coffee

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

i can eat breakfast all day, they all look sooo goood

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

i wanna learn how to put designs in my coffee foam like that

Patricia wright - last year Reply

I always check out restaurants when I go someplace new. Found a lot of good restaurants that way.

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

Now I want pop tart

Dana Rodriguez - last year Reply

You had me at the biscuits and gravy. That looks so delicious!

Dana Rodriguez - last year Reply

The HomeGrown Coffee Cake is truly making me hungry!

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

They all look amazing

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

I wish i had time in the morning to make these fancy breakfasts

Dana Rodriguez - last year Reply

The tart lemon curd looks amazing!

Judith Watson - last year Reply

You really made me want to go to this restaurant. If I ever go to Kansas, I’ll make sure to visit!

Michael DeFren - last year Reply

I just got put on to Guac toast an im hooked

Dana Rodriguez - last year Reply

Why am I craving pop tarts right now? Oh.. it is your fault lol

Stephanie H. - last year Reply

These delicious looking dishes make me want to visit Wichita soon. Those pop tarts would be a big hit in my family.

Kelly J Wach - last year Reply

That looks so good… I love Eggs Benedict.. and those Pancakes look so so good. I would love to go and check this out.. Never been to Kansas

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