Majesty of the Sea

 Disclosure: Many thanks to Royal Caribbean for making this cruise possible. The pleasure was all mine. 
I recently embarked on a cruise on the Majesty of the Sea. I know you aren’t going to believe this but my husband had never been on a cruise. He was a naval officer so we never planned a trip on a ship because I didn’t think it would be something he would enjoy. The truth is I was wrong.  He absolutely loved the Majesty of the Sea.  I loved the time we spent together. I loved not having to worry about anything.
Majesty of the Sea couples cruise onboard the Majesty of the Sea
The service on The Majesty of the Sea was second to none and the price for the cruise was very affordable. I was amazed at how much we didn’t spend. We chose to not drink on the cruise. I know most people do so. We did find that we could have brought two bottles of wine onboard that may be subjected to a corking fee. The trip was relaxing enough for us and we didn’t feel the need to add alcohol. We did have a great time on our first trip and we put together a list of tips for other people who have never cruised.
 Majesty of the Sea is great for couples

Cruise tips from our experience on the Majesty of the Sea

  • You will usually need a passport. You will always need a photo ID and a birth certificate if you do not have a passport.
  • Go online and register prior to your cruise to check in
  • Print out your luggage tags but we would suggest packing two smaller bags and bringing them your self
  • We found that we got on the boat and had to wait on our swim suits.

Majesty of the sea activities on deck

  • Bring a dressy outfit for dinner at night that mean NO jeans
  • Tips were included but make sure to tip for great service
  • You can book your air fair using Choice air 11 months in advance if the price goes down you get a refund and they make sure you get to your cruise ship
  • Get a room with a window or you will not have any concept of time and will sleep through things
  • Wear sunscreen all the time we suggest Reef Safe Sunscreen
  • Be prepared to not use your phone or smart device
  • You can buy the wifi plan but I would suggest connecting with the people you are cruising with instead
  • You can pick up wifi at any McDonalds when you pull into port
  • Go on the chef tour it was worth it
  • Book excursions when you get into port so you do not have to worry about being over scheduled

Majesty of the Sea ship at port

  • Go to the sit down dinners, the food is better
  • Order what you like at the sit down dinner I ordered two appetizers and two desserts nightly
  • Let the cruise line know if you have dietary concerns prior to boarding or as soon as you get there
  • If you want to sit alone at dinner talk to the staff immediately upon arrival
  • Make all spa appointments as soon as you arrive
  • Look at the schedule and plan just one thing a day you want to do
  • Relax

The Majesty of the Sea really offered something for everyone. There were shows, bingo, contests, child care, and great food. I especially enjoyed sitting by the pool and just enjoying the time I had to relax with my husband. I can say that I would take this ship again and again. It was clean, well run, well staffed, affordable, and customer focused. I enjoyed the ports. We felt relaxed and loved not having to do anything. We found the other passengers to be equally gracious and fun to connect with. I would book another cruise in a heart beat because it was truly a great way for us to watch our spending and enjoy a great vacation. I can’t think of a better way to spend five days on vacation.