Did you know sunscreen kills? Are you using reef safe sunscreen?

Disclosure: This conversation about the effect of traditional sunscreen on aquatic life was sponsored by Tropical Seas. All opinions shared are my own. 

Okay okay so maybe my first question is a little dramatic but I am serious and concerned about the effect of sunscreen on aquatic life. Studies have shown that the chemicals in sunscreens are killing coral reefs around the world. All water eventually ends up in the ocean so even if you are not going to a beach anytime soon I want you to know about reef safe sunscreen.

Reef Safe Sunscreen is biodegradeable and non-toxic to sea life

We recently went swimming at a lake. The lake had a platform out in the middle where you could jump off a diving board and go down a water slide into the lake. While we were hanging out on the platform I noticed an oily sheen on top of the water. Guess what that oily sheen was? That’s right it is sunscreen, gross! It has been estimated that every year 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers into oceans worldwide. That is a whole lot of sunscreen.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Fortunately there are people in the world who really care about preserving the earth for future generations.  Tropical Seas, a company based in Daytona, Florida has developed biodegradable non-toxic reef safe sunscreen and sun care products called Reef Safe. During our recent vacation in Florida, the resort we stayed at recommended the Reef Safe products to us. I have to be honest and admit that before this trip I had never even thought about the possibility that all the chemicals we are using to protect our skin might be harmful to other organisms.

Reef Safe Sunscreen at the lake

I love this stuff! It works and it is NOT expensive! We are at the outdoor pool 5 days a week for swim team practice and let me tell you we go through a lot of sunscreen. It is important for me to trust that the sunscreen we are using will keep my children safe from sunburn. Ialso try to save a buck wherever I can and ten to buy whichever sunscreen is on sale. I was very surprised at the prices of all the products from Tropical Seas including reef safe sunscreen. Take a look at their prices and you will find that buying reef safe sunscreen will actually save you some money. I call that a win-win, you save some money while you are doing your part to save the coral reefs.

Reef Safe Sunscreen at Fairystone State Park

Where in the World is Reef Safe? Photo Contest

After you order and receive your Reef Safe Suncare Products (because I know you want to do your part to preserve the planet and coral reefs for future generations) make sure you snap a photo and enter the Where in the world is Reef Safe Photo Contest! Just like Reef Safe on Facebook or Follow @ReefSafeSuncare on Twitter to submit your entry. Make sure you use #whereintheworldisreefsafe along with a brief description of where and what you’re doing.  There are weekly winners and also a Grand Prize winner. I would love it if you would also tag your entry with #vacationmaybe so the folks at Reef Safe know I sent you!

Where in the world is reef safe photo contest