How to Vacation In Your Hometown

How to Vacation In Your Hometown

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There are many reasons people cannot travel out of state or even leave there home overnight for a vacation. For this reason they think that they cannot vacation and may spend several years without a “vacation”. They do not have to do this and instead everyone has endless vacation possibilities in their own hometown. It is just learning How to Vacation in Your Hometown.

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How to Vacation in Your Hometown

  1. Set a Vacation Budget. Make sure you have money set aside to take your hometown vacation. This way you will be able to splurge just as if you were on a real vacation. Make sure you plan for at least a few meals while you are out on the town and for souvenirs.
  2. Plan your trip out. Don’t just take days off of work and not plan anything out. If you do that you will end up staying home without doing anything.
  3. Contact your Local Traveler’s Bureau. They are a treasure trove of information. They will know about the latest restaurants, shows, hidden gems and may even have coupons or discounts for things you were not aware of. You can also check with AAA if you are a member.
  4. Visit Your Local Museums and Art Galleries – Many libraries even offer a system where you can check out passes to your local museums and then bring them back after you are done. This allows you to go for free and enjoy the arts for Free.
  5. Unplug Yourself for a day or even the whole week.  You never realize how draining being connected 24/7 is until you take a break from being plugged in. You will feel refreshed even if you are unplugged for only 24 hours.
  6. Book a Night at a Local Hotel.  If you can leave the house for a night plan a night stay a local hotel. Pack only what you need and head out. Plan to eat out and catch a movie after you check in. Wake up and get a late check out. When you leave you don’t have to clean the room or make the bed. Make sure you grab breakfast out before heading out for your attraction of the day. Think of all the relaxation.
  7. Visit a Local Nature Trail. Enjoy a stroll and take in the nature around you. Enjoy being outside. If you have kids take time to let them explore.
  8. Plan a Park Adventure Day. Pack a Picnic Lunch and spend the day exploring the parks in your area. Make a list and when one park gets boring, head to the next one and so on until you run out of steam or complete your list. Vote on which park is your favorite.
  9. Visit your Local Flea Market or Farmer’s Market. Imagine you are visiting from out of town. Take time to enjoy the vendors and view it as an outsider. Try to see it as a tourist would.
  10. Stay home. Pick one day to turn off the phone, computer, close the blinds, stay in your pjs and catch up on your TV shows, books, or video games. This day is all about you. Feel free to order in take out and nap. It is okay for your kids to watch TV more than usual it is vacation after all. Tomorrow you are back to reality and you won’t be able to hide any longer.

Congratulations, you now know How to Vacation in your Hometown. Stop passing up your vacations and start enjoying them.

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