Discover Nature And Culture Of Central Florida

Welcome to Central Florida.

Florida is a big state. And very few could even imagine that this sunshine state is a place famous not only for Disney resorts, SeaWorld and Universal Studios. It is a magestical place where Nature has its own say. Powerful. Clear. Sound.

If you are to venture for some respite and true get-away vacation, here are some truly amazing places that you could roam and simply watch from afar. Yet, be inspired and reflect on life and where your place in it is.

Gainsville of Central Florida (

Lakes and rivers are fed from the freshest waters seeping from the underground springs. Trails could be hiked for the pure adoration of the plants, water lilies, bird life. And yes, you are going to stop by some vintage, almost forgotten, local villages that would welcome you with their colorful culture and hospitality.

water bull central florida
To See Wild Animals Roaming and Feeding Themselves on Fresh Grass Could be A Truly Uplifting Moment.
deer central florida
Lots of All Kind of Deer Running, Playing or Just Enjoying Simple Life.

Anyone, yes, anyone would appreciate this so much forgotten tourist destination. Get your breath in and let it out – you are in Gainsville!

West Volusia (

Yet again one of the marvelous places to explore and enjoy the freedom of real relaxation. Crystal-clear springs, parks and rivers, historic sites with museums, intricate cafes – all that for a vacation of a lifetime. No less.

Situated in the mid area between Orlando and Daytona Beach, West Volusia would lure those vacationers who want more than just a tourist attraction on their plate. Why? Because it opens up a world of Florida’s small-town charm and character.

Whether you’re alone and are in the reflective mood to spend your trip or are bringing a family with you, – you are here for quite a surprise!

Exploring-on-power-boat central florida
Cool Specialized Boats Would Take You Through The Waters!
indian huts
You’ll See How People Used To Live, Too.

Swim With The Manatees (

These protected water animals of Florida are some of the most gentle creatures in existence. Still, hundreds of them parish during each year from the motor accidents, polluted waters, and un-gental treatment by people.

Yet the preservation movement of manatees is strong in Florida. There’s a place that gives you a different perspective on life and its values. Central Florida boasts of The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, where you could literally dive into the manatee experience.

Being led by a guide, you’ll observe these graceful mammals in their natural environment where they enjoy food and good company.

And once you’re done with this breathtaking experience of meeting with manatees, head over to one of the local restaurants that has an abundance of fresh seafood and unique dishes that you’ve never heard of!

Kind Crab Salad – Yum!

That’s the charm and life of Central Florida. You are always welcome here, summer or winter. Time goes on. What stays the same is the spirit and the soulfulness of Nature and People who call this part of Florida their Home.

by Laura Gontchar

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