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Best Restaurants in Charlottesville for Lunch

Best Restaurants in Charlottesville

Best Restaurants in Charlottesville for Lunch When my friends and I  come together for lunch, we’re already exhausted from what feels like a full day of work. We have gotten little people dressed, packed bags, mitigated fights, wiped tears in some cases, found things in plain sight in others. We have moved mountains so it […]

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Experience Delirium at Kings Dominion!

Kings Dominion Spring Bloom Festival of events is for the whole family, thrill seekers included.

Are you as excited as we are about amusement park season here in Virginia! Our favorite park, Kings Dominion, opens this Friday, March 25th!  Still making plans for Spring Break or enjoying a staycation next week? You can have some serious Spring Break fun at Kings Dominion. The park will be open 10 straight days […]

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3 years ago

Keswick Vineyard

keswick vineyards wine barrels

 The Keswick Vineyard is a breathtaking venue that offers a beautiful backdrop to a flavorful harvest. This is the perfect idea for a girl friend trip or a romantic evening. I will say it really added to our book club meeting. We read The Viognier Vendetta: A Wine Country Mystery (You can buy it on […]

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