Keswick Vineyard

 The Keswick Vineyard is a breathtaking venue that offers a beautiful backdrop to a flavorful harvest. This is the perfect idea for a girl friend trip or a romantic evening. I will say it really added to our book club meeting. We read The Viognier Vendetta: A Wine Country Mystery (You can buy it on amazon) by Ellen Crosby. She let us in on the secret that The Keswick Vineyard was an inspiration for her widely popular novels.
Keswick Vineyards is the inspiration for a great book
The Vineyards is also full of historical relevance. It was a spot of two important events one in the Revolutionary War and 100 Years later during the American War. You can read more about that on the Keswick Vineyard’s website.
Keswick Vineyards Wine Tasting Room
We were fortunate enough to participate in a tasting. I highly suggest if you live in Central Virginia or are driving through to stop at the Keswick Vineyard their tastings are reasonably priced and filled with history. The Keswick Vineyards is owned by Al and Cindy Schornberg. The historic Edgewood Estate  is 400 acres and 40 acres are under vine. The vineyard uses a minimalist approach to making wine. The use natural fermentation methods using natural yeasts and most of their red wines are bottle both filtered and unfiltered.
Keswick Vineyards winerey
There is even a wine that was made by the customers. They have a day where wine enthusiasts meet and create their own blend. The blends are voted upon and one is bottled with the image of the creators. The bottles of wines were simply unique, flavorful, and affordable. I took home a bottle of the 2012 Viognier in honor of the book I read for book club.
keswick vineyards wine barrels
Think of Keswick’s Vineyard the next time you are searching for a venue to host a special event or you just crave a great glass of wine.