The Magic of the Butterflies Lives On As Southern Florida Vacation Destination

“Do you have anything other than the ocean to see during our Florida vacation?” – Overheard on TV during the news hour.

Why do we travel? There are many reasons and answers to this simple question. What unites everyone who is on the road, is an expectation of a memorable experience that we could encounter and then relive it later in our lives.

ButterflyWorld-Florida Vacation Traveling is all about Memories. Those that last. And those that send a surge of positive energy every moment we put ourselves back onto the memory lane of our travels.

If you are a lover of all-things beautiful, then it is a must to come and experience the Butterfly World of Southern Florida. This is one of the most profound experiences you could ever get in this Florida vacation spot.


Just One Warning. That’s all. Be prepared to be swept off your feet and stay like that for some prolonged period of time.

Hey, hey, hey. Not to be scared about it!

First, you shall be swept away by the emotional overflow that hundreds of thousands of butterflies would bring onto you.

Butterflies-collection-Butterfly-World-Florida vacation
These Are All Kinds Of Butterflies That Are Born, Live And Die At The Butterfly World, Southern Florida

Second, you would not want to leave this state of being mesmerized and somewhat bewitched by the magical kisses and tiny sweeps of air created by the million of fluttering wings.

You would want to be engaged in a positively memorable carnival of circling colorful creatures – butterflies – reaching out with your arms and hands to be chosen as a sacred rest station, even if for a moment.

ButterflyWorld-Florida VacationThe colors, magical ways of harvesting for food and giving birth to new generations – all these magical processes would be there for you to watch and to wonder about.

It is easy to spend the whole day in the Butterfly World, as Time is lost there and nobody’s watching it.

The energy exchange that happens during your visit becomes part of your emotional DNA. That means you shall relive this magic again and again every time you reach out and touch that memorable place within your soul.

Butterlfly-World-Florida vacationYour Florida vacation time could be so meaningful and filled with pleasant experiences to last you a lifetime.

Traveling is All About Experiences. There’s no size to such. Only powerful emotions that become your memories take you out of the dark moments and give you all you need to go on.

Why do we travel? Being natural collectors of memories, we are eager to expand their horizons. This becomes possible with our emotional involvement, when we leave into the unknown to gather our experiences charged with unending power to relive them.

Once you’ve been to The Butterfly World – The Florida Vacation – there’s no stopping you to share its magical touch with everybody whose lives you’ll touch back.