Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardes Tampa Rides Bring Adrenaline Rush

Busch Gardens Tampa - Cheetah Run
Busch Gardens Tampa – Cheetah Run

A day at an amusement park comes with many choices. For some families, the priority is riding the biggest, fastest, most thrilling roller coasters. Busch Gardens Tampa offers thrill rides throughout the park.

From the daring drops to the twisting turns, each moment brings the thrills that they seek. While not every ride will make your stomach drop, a few rides will get your heart pumping.

On a recent trip to Busch Gardens Tampa, the thrill rides were a top priority. Here are a few highlights that our family would recommend from Busch Gardens Tampa.


The unique sound from this roller coaster invites riders as they wait. This coaster makes your heart beat a little faster as riders hold over the 90 foot drop. The loops and turns whiz past until diving into a tunnel followed by a splash.

Cheetah Hunt:

This roller coaster isn’t just tall; it is long. The longest roller coaster in the park, riders act like a cheetah on the hunt. The coaster stretches across the Serengeti. If you don’t close your eyes, the view is great.


After the first 135 foot drop, your stomach might still be at the summit. The biggest thrill is the feeling of weighlessness as riders drop and spiral throughout the ride.


For those who want to be upside down, this roller coaster is a must. Montu has seven intense inversions. Like the name, be ready to head to battle with the Egyptian god of war on this ride.


ScorpionĀ is a Busch Gardens classic. This roller coaster gives thrill in the drops and turns, but isn’t as intimidating as the new coasters. There is a sting, but doable for those guest not wanting extreme thrills.

New for 2014 is Falcon’s Fury. Although this ride was unable during our visit, this new thrill ride will definitely get the adrenaline pumping. Riders will get the highest view of the park before facing the ground and plummeting downwards. Based on the sketches, this ride is for those with no fear.

For those wanting smaller thrill, Busch Gardens offers many other rides that are perfect for all ages. From bumper cars to the carousel, everyone can get into the action. The Busch Gardens website and smartphone app shows thrill level and location of all the rides.

If your family is planning a trip to Busch Gardens, please check on the day of your visit for availability of rides. Each ride does have height requirements and other safety measures.

It is time to get your heart pumping. Raising your arms and let out a scream as you ride the thrills at Busch Gardens Tampa.

written by Cristine